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Tandem (2015) | Movie Review

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In the traffic-laden streets of Metro Manila, two brothers use the chaos of the city roads as a
smokescreen for their shady occupation: tandem robbers on motorbike. But when a robbery goes
sour, the brothers are forced to graduate from low-level thieves to high profile hit men in an act that
tests both their resolve and their relationship.


JM de guzman— Rex
Nico Antonio— Roman
Rochelle Pangilinan —  Cha
Elora Espano — Nadine
Allan Paule — SPO3 Alba
Paolo O'hara—SPO2 Lucero
Simon Ibarra—Prudencio
BJ Forbes— Alwyn
Karl Medina— Julius
My notes on Tandem (2015)

As i watch this movie i thought i can predict what will happen just like as the other typical movie but in my surprise i was wrong. For example when roman went to steal the bag full of cash from the foreman, I thought they can do it fast and at ease because they are professionals. But it didn't go well so there's a fight between them that almost killed roman, thanks to Rex who shot the foreman to the back of the head to save his brothers ass from death.

There also a question floating in my head that i and you agrees. The relationship between rex gf nadine and roman. whats the real score between them, but as i recall when both alba and lucero capture rex alba told Rex that "na yong syota mo ay latak na lang nang iyong kuya"  so there you have it. No more hidden relationship between the two.

This movie was shot mostly on broad daylight so there's no problem on their lightning prod. Hmm the director did a great job filming and directing this movie, it really emphasize the current situation happening in our country. Defining the survival of the fittest at its best.

Message for me. Family first before others.

Personal connection with the movie

I agree that siblings fight to be acknowledged with what their capabilities are, respect to elders are part of who we are, but there are times that the young ones should be heard and followed.

One of my unforgettable line is "pasok, labas, walang masasaktan". Putang ina. Haha

No doubt to be graded A by the cinema evaluation board.

A must seen movie.

Movie Rate :   ★★★★

Tandem is under the direction of King Palisoc and Produce by Buchi Boy Films and Tuko Films are also the brainchild of Artikulo Uno Productions and Quantum Films.

Here the final schedule of Tandem (2015) Metro Manila Film Festival New Wave Category.


Movie Review by Jed Bajador
Edited by : AXLPowerhouse

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