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Haunted Mansion (2015 MMFF Entry) | Quickie Movie Review

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Haunted Mansion (formerly Retreat House) is a supernatural horror film. The film was directed and written by Jun Lana, starring Janella Salvador , Marlo Mortel and Jerome Ponce.

Ella (Janella Salvador) is a gifted girl, best friend of Faye, (Sharlene San Pedro) and love the interest of both Jacob (Jerome Ponce) and Adrian (Marlo Mortel) who sees dead people around her. The last time she used her gift to communicate with spirits, though, resulted in her father’s death. Her schoolmates, Megan (Ingrid dela Paz), Allison (Devon Seron), Jack (Phytos Ramirez), Jessie (Eliza Pineda), and Steve (Paolo Gumabao) who often bullies Ella, initiated a prank and insidiously awakened the evil spirits, Amara (Iza Calzado) and Veronica (LJ Reyes) from the past. In the midst of the students’ adventure, dormant ghost in the retreat house are disturbed and so they wreak havoc on Ella and her friends. Ella and her friends accidentally discovers the mystery surrounding the twin deaths, and so Amara’s vengeful spirit returns to try to stop them from spilling the truth. Ella should use her ability to save her friends from being killed one by one.

Janella Salvador as Ella
Marlo Mortel as Adrian
Jerome Ponce as Jacob
Sharlene San Pedro as Faye
Ingrid dela Paz as Megan

Haunted Mansion Movie Review

Haunted Mansion was a complete waste of time and money. It had a bunch of idiotic characters doing the stupidest things (oh a ghost, let's hide under a table!).

The scariest part here was the return of Lilet, signalling that I'm actually way too old to remember her.

All together now, "I am the future of the world, I am the hope of my nation..."

Review by : Jason Javier

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