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A Second Chance (2015) | Movie Review

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A Second Chance is a sequel from a very successful movie “One more chance” – the Hugot movie of all time, after 8 years of waiting Star Cinema and Direk Cathy Molina finally allow us to see again the story of Popoy and Basha in a new setup.

To sum it up, here are my top 3 “went good” and “went bad” in the movie.

Top 3 “went good” in the movie – A Second Chance:

1.    The John Lloyd and Bea Alonzo love team never dies; I really enjoy the story even though the whole story is so different from the first one. The wedding ceremony and the whole marriage thing convinced us that the “killing” moment is not merely just for courtship alone but it can also happen and should be happening more often in the course of marriage. I like how Direk Cathy Molina write the story in a way that above all else love is really worth fighting for, even there are a lot of problems and trials, day in & day out, Popoy and Basha still fight for their marriage.

2.    A Second Chance can stand on its own – We all know that the story is rooted from the first movie “One more chance” but I can say that even though you haven’t watch it yet, I can openly say that you can totally enjoy this movie with or without the first movie.

3.    Promoting Trust and Faith – The whole marriage life of Popoy and Basha revolves around with Trust and Faith. Beginning from the wedding up until their falling business and the special project of Popoy which is not helping with their finances, just keep raising the question “Should I still trust this person?” or “Should I still have faith with him/her?”. But in the end I am very happy that the couple still choose to have faith with each other and trust each other even in the times of adversity.

Top 3 “went bad” in the movie 

1.    Bea is very gorgeous during the whole movie but the Costume wig looks very fake – I am not an expert when it comes to prosthetic but it is visually obvious that Bea’s hair during the whole story is not real. However, this little prosthetic fail doesn’t affect much my whole experience in enjoying the film.

2.    Architect bias versus the Engineers – The conflict with the two professions outside the movie is already an old existing issue. However, the story fails to balance the bias between the two, because every fail moment always points out to the Engineers and every time something positive happens the Architect seems always highlighted. 

3.    The background song played, when the couple is quarrelling, is too sweet. “I will be here” that is sang by Juris seems to be a wrong choice played when Basha is angry and knowing their company is in huge debt.
In conclusion, the movie is great and I will recommend people specially those who are planning to get married to watch “A Second Chance” because love is “what is” and not “what if”.

Movie review by Tony Yson
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