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Top Chef Season 12 gives culinary competition shows with gastronomic indulgences

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Top Chef Season 12 gives culinary competition shows another take at exquisite dish preparation and race for the gold.
Sixteen candidates compete for first place as they are presented with numerous challenges including Quick Fire Sudden Death challenge wherein the winner is immune from elimination on the next round. Follow them as they make their way through obstacles that test not just their cooking prowess but also their personal backgrounds and reservations.

Padma Lakshmi returns as Top Chef judge and host, sharing her glamour and taste as the participants vie for top position in this gastronomic journey. Joining her in guiding the talented participants are Richard Blais, winner of Top Chef: All Stars; Tom Colicchio, Gail Simmons, and Hugh Acheson.

Top Chef Season 12 premieres June 10, weeknights at 7.00pm, First and Exclusive on Sony Channel.

Sony Channel is seen on SKYCable Channel 35, Cignal Digital TV Channel 60, Destiny Cable Channel 62, Cable Link Channel 39.

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