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Theater Review : Artist Playground' Happiness Is A Pearl

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Artist Playground' Happiness Is A Pearl 
Last 4th of June, I had the pleasure of seeing Happiness is a Pearl, a stage play directed by Paul Jake Paule. Happiness is a pearl is about Mari, the wife of a billionaire who then becomes attached to Kenji, a gigolo who has a pearl stitched under the skin of his genitalia. However, Kenji is falling for Maria, a japayuki from the Philippines.

The set was designed beautifully, in-spite of the space being very limited, the designers were able to maximize it and show what we need to see. It is really nice that we get to have a touch of Japan and Philippines all in one very small stage.

With a very limited space and not so lavish stage set up, the play was still very pleasing to the eye because of its wonderful ensemble of actors. Each actor is great in their characters, but one really stood out for me, Mari (Cathrine Go) has that stage presence that commands you as an audience to focus on her, her nihonggo is really convincing, and her eyes communicates to the audience very well. I would like to applaud them all for being able to pull of such great performance despite a very limited space, it's hard to do some dancing routines and lifting in a very tight place, but they were able to do so.

Paul Jake Paule managed to make this very kinky play not look so vulgar and obscene. The sex scenes was done beautifully without malice. Everything is great that as I was watching, I never wanted it to the end because I am enjoying watching the show.

I recommend this show to everyone who wants to see a a wild tale but doesn't want obscenity. To everyone who loves art and wanna see emerging talents.

The Cast and the Director
“Happiness is a Pearl,” an original play penned by Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature Hall of Famer Rody Vera is all set to open on June 9 at the 1701 The Little Room Upstairs located at Landsdale Tower, Mother Ignacia St. corner Timog Avenue, Quezon City.

The play shall run until July 3, 2016 with 7 pm shows from Wednesday – Friday; 3 pm and 7 pm shows every Saturday and Sunday.


Review by : Aaaron Kristoffer
Photos by : Axl Powerhouse
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