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Theater Review : Egg Theater Company' Schism

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Manila, Philippines- Last February 21, Sunday, at Pineapple Lab I was invited to watch Schism an adaptation of Le Misanthrope ou I’Atrabilaire Amoureux of Moliere; playwright and directed by Mr. George de Jesus III.

Schism is about a specific division of a group that involves a mere reality of the current setup in a theatrical world where there is full of false flattery just to avoid giving the rude remarks of the moment. The play starts without its usual introduction where Tuxqs Rutaquio sat in front of the stage while Angeli Bayani is loudly chatting with the audience. It just came into my sense that the play already start when the two character start conversing. Even though the play involves a lot of inside joke from the theatrical world I did really enjoy the story because it covers not only the reality of the theatre realm but it also mirror the general problem of being millennial which the play refer to as being  “plastik”. I may say that Schism put the theatre bar on high as they deliver the play excellently this 2016. The characters in the play are the following:

Alex – is played by Tuxqs Rutaquio. Alex acts as a very frank person, which directly says his observation to Don about his adaptation play. Tuxqs delivers each and every of his line with conviction as his converse with the different character of the play. I have a lot of favourite part in his acting role as Alex but I really like the first part of the play where he deliver line in a straight face yet landed as a comical pun for the audience.

Alex and Helen
Helen – is played by Angeli Bayani. Helen the ever loving, supportive friend of Alex, I think every person deserves a “Helen” in his/her life that will not hesitate to provide observation without sugarcoating it. Ms Angeli is a great actor in this play as she does excellently in shifting mood, from being a “maldita” friend to “being a millennial” and depending with the person she interacts.

Don – is played by Ron Alfonso. Don the director, playwright of the Le Misanthrope. The character of Ron gives the real spice into the story, with him being fan of Alex transforming into monster that Alex will regret. Ron gives justice to his role as Don, especially when he receives the harsh remarks of Alex about his adaptation play.

Casey, Drea together with Alex and Jim
Casey & Drea – is played by Chinie Conception & Kyla Rivera. Both engaged with a theatrical related job. The play tagged them as the typical “millennials” of our era. My favourite part of them is when they wrongly assume Alex as the director of Don’s play.
Eli – is played by Renante Bustamante. Renante role does not do much in the story of the play however, I recall every pun joke he throws in the play. I believe that he is also the one that act/sing/rap in the Le Misanthrope in which he successfully mirrored the allegedly musical play Schism try to depict.

Time for the conflict story
Jim – is played by Jojo Riguerra. The character of Jim mainly drives the conflict of the story, his secret Viber group, and his alligation about the people on the theatre world. Jim is the reason why the conflict between Alex and Don grow bigger and bigger. I see Jojo strive his best to act as a Jim in the play but majority of the time whenever Jojo make a connection of being a Jim, there is always a moment of disengagement in the audience part to believe in his acting.

Arnie – is played by Roence Santos. Arnie is the old actress that is forgotten already by time in her acting career. Ms Roence convinces me in his role of being an old woman that seems everybody dislikes engaging with; Roence excellently shows the annoying characteristic of Arnie.

The lighting of the theatre house is not well manipulated, there are many part scene in the stage where the face of the actors/actresses is not easily viewable. The sounds system is just okay given that location is very intimate which i can easily hear and understand the line of the actors.

The cast of Egg Theater Company' Schism
In conclusion, I do like the play of Schism; Sir George de Jesus is a genius in creating a brilliant story about the world in which he belongs too. I may say that Schism put the theatre bar on high as they deliver the play excellently this 2016.

Theater review by Tony Yson
Photos and Edited by : Axl Guinto

More photos of Schism of Egg Theater Company at AXLPowerhouse Facebook Fanpage.

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