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Art in many forms can unfold infinite dimensions and can create a world of its own, depending on its creator. Most of the artist enjoys the freedom of expressing themselves in many forms, may it be through song, poet, visual and many more. 

As a self-taught artist I know exactly how it feels like to be in a different field of work. The only difference is that, no matter how fate bring us to a different path, there will always be a way that our heart and soul will somehow revisit and go home to our passion. 

Rommel Rico a Filipino painter based in New York where he works full time in a different line of work found his way home through his paintings, by capturing the local sceneries of abundant harvest and traditional Filipino women as his subject. The vibrant colors and graceful lines of his painting tells the story of our culture. This way it helps our heritage to be passed on the future generations, specially now that even the places in the provinces doesn't have the practices as before. His being homesick, made him explore and create beautiful paintings that makes feel home again. 

His artworks defines the uniqueness of our heritage and culture that captures the attention and interest of other nations in an interview he was asked:  "What artworks do you consider as your masterpieces so far?"

"I have two artworks that I consider my masterpieces. The “Abundance in the Marketplace” and “Abundance in the Sun”. Both have been in exhibit in Pfizer Headquarters lobby at 42nd St. New York and drew much curiosity and attention. They truly are crowd drawing and super interesting to look at. I didn’t realize that both looks very mediterranean- ish and drew curiosity from Italians and South American guests. Some wrote me an email about happy-esque effect it brought them when they saw the paintings. The “Abundance in the Sun” is still on exhibit until February 2019."

Truly his vision to share our culture and his talent to the world is one of a kind and a very inspiring story. It's a big challenge for an artist in our country knowing that we have a very small group of art patron  who's fascinated with this kind of art, many of the young Filipino artist decided to pursue a different career, but as we expose ourselves with a lot of people who has the same burning passion to continue, our heart is truly warm to continue specially when we hear this kind of story. Therefore, we should not make excuses on pursuing our passion, maybe not now but at the right time in the future. 

When he was asked, what do influenced him to paint again? 

"In New York, we have museum for everything. The most famous as you know are MET museum, MOMA – Museum of modern arts, Guggenheim Museum, they are full of huge artworks! Spending a day in any of these museums will truly inspire you and evoke the artist in you. Since I moved to New York, I have the whole Saturday and Sunday free. Visiting these museums has been my week end get away."

His artworks is not just a reflection of our heritage and culture, but it also transcends an energy and inspire us to do what we love to do. No matter where your path takes you, you can always go back and continue with no pressure but just pure love and passion. 

What is you inspiration with your artworks? 

"Since I migrated to New York, I become hooked up with appreciating Filipino Culture and our heritage. I guess that’s what happens when you are away without your family and felt so far away from your country; you find endearment in anything Filipino. So I paint arts with Filipino women, their Filipiniana dresses, Filipino baskets - everything Filipino. They are really beautiful inspiration nonetheless. Knowing how we as Filipinos are easily influenced by other cultures, our heritage should really be captured in paintings to preserve it for future generation. 
I also started with Abundance and blessings as a theme last year. It is my hope that whoever own my artworks in the future will be abundantly blessed. You will notice that it is recurring to see 8 people on my artworks, abundant baskets of fishes and happy faces. My inherent nature of wanting to be a blessing to others I guess is evidently showing in my works."

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