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Teatro Pinas Review : ICON 1.0 the Ballet Manila Opening Performance of TOUR DE FORCE.

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ICON 1.0 of Ballet Manila is a well patterned and well textured performances that will play to the audience senses. The intention of the dance company to showcase and highlight different ballet styles was well patterned in a manner that level of the energy and emotions has been expressed without overpowering the performances one after another. Clearly it shows the teamwork of everyone, it's a complete package. Everything has been delivered well.

Ballet Manila will give you a different taste of performance that you will crave for more and can't even wait to see what they are going to perform next. The sequences that revisits the classical favorites combined with the innovative choreography that you've never seen before.

The dance performers clearly communicated to the audience and clearly delivered what has been told; the discipline, the emotion the passion and the energy.

 Breaking the barriers between the performers and the audience. The experience was one of a kind, that the performances are truly remarkable. The emotions of each performances lingers even after the show. The company's performance is not showcasing their talents but bringing the audience to the world of ballet.

ICON 1.0 is something that is experimental that will exceed the audience expectations. It's a good performance to open its 23rd performance season. The combination of all the artistic aspect of the performances are truly satisfying, from the musical scoring, the lights, set design and choreography. It's like your comfort food that would delight your heart and soul.

All of the performances were truly amazing, personally the performances that really caught my attention are the following:

BLOOM, choreographed by Annabelle Lopez Ochoa. The formation and the blocking were all smooth and flawless. Artistic wise Bloom as an opening performance is truly elegant and remarkable. Laboriously done and yet refined.

SOTTO VOCE,  choreographed by Augustus Bam Damian III. Highlighting a well coordinated and balanced choreography, a great harmony of the performers. It was a smooth and sweet combination, which gives a tone down and relaxed mood. The performance was very calm and subtle. From the very relaxing performance, the next one would be a jaw dropping and blood pumping sequence.

ARACHNIDA, choreographed by Agnes Locsin. Which resemble the mating of the spiders. The performance is something that will play with your senses. Highlighting long lifts and holds. The artistic direction from the set design, the costume, lights and musical scoring are well synchronized with the attitude and the aura that the dance performers and choreographer wanted to project. It only has two dance performers and they completely own the scene and conquer the stage establishing a statement that this is ours; our time and our spot. The energy of the dancers perfectly depicted the traits of a spider as a territorial creature.  As a performer Joan Sia and Romeo Peralta knows how to channel their energy through their body language that they pass it on to the audience. The performance is beyond the satisfaction of the eyes.

MUSIKA'T PAGIBIG, choreographed by Jonathan F. Janolo. The performance is one of a kind that will bring you back to the golden era of dance and music. Featuring a great choice of music from the OPM classics that will give you chills. The artistic direction is simple, elegant and classic, that would give you the feeling that you would want to tune in and don't want to miss a single second of its performance. The language of the performance is something that will touch you so deep.

MAHIWAGANG BYULIN, choreographed by Tony Fabella, will give a curiosity at the beginning. The performance has the best build up of emotions and humor. It will surely give excitement to the audience. This will surely bring you back to your childhood, from the set design, the costume, lights and musical arrangement. The texture, mood and tone of the the stage is quite colorful and elegantly done. The performance is something that you would never expect. I think this is something experimental and innovative, which has been delivered in way that you would want to see more and want to see it again and again. Not curious yet? Better watch the upcoming performances.

Congratulations and thank you Ballet Manila for giving a one of a kind experience. I can't wait to see more of the upcoming performances. Wishing you guys all the best. Truly it is a TOUR DE FORCE!

The 23rd Performance Season at the Aliw Theater, Pasay City. From September 1, 2018 to March 10, 2019

Review and Photo : JC Salud

More photos of Ballet Manila "ICON 1.0" at Teatro Pinas facebook page.

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