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Movie Review : Ang Larawan

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“Hindi Simple ang Buhay katulad ng Sining. May Puwersang humuhubog sa ating landasin. Hindi Tayo ang May hawak sa ating kinabukasan. Nagmimiron ka lamang sa iyong kapalaran. “

Ang Larawan is one of the selected film entries in the upcoming Metro Manila Film Festival this year which makes it the first ever movie adapted from an original Filipino Musical but that is not the only reason why this movie is so special.

A Masterpiece from two National Artists

Interestingly, Ang Larawan is based on a stageplay of the same name “Ang Larawan the Musical” which conquered the Philippine stage in the late 90s. Prior to that, the musical was adapted from another Filipino stage play – A Portrait of the Artist as Filipino which was staged in the early 50s. The masterpiece was written by, Nick Joaqin who is one of the well-treasured National Artists in our country. He is one of the greatest Filipino writers in history whose works are equally influential like those masterpieces written by Jose Rizal or Claro M Recto.

In the late 90s, the inspiring stage play (which was original written in English) was translated to Filipino by another National Artists Rolando Tinio who also wrote its libretto. It is very interesting to note that the artistry of Nick Joaqin and Rolando Tinio and the message that these musicals tried to imply were greatly captured and embraced in the movie. A wonderful tribute to their legacy!

A Game Changer

If there’s one thing that we can best describe the movie, it would be a Game Changer.  It is indeed a game changer in so many ways. Being the first ever Pinoy movie adapted from an original Filipino musical stage play makes Ang Larawan truly a stand out. It was a period movie directed by Loy Arcenas packed with amazing set of casts! Filipinos are naturally inclined with music! We have so many great singers in the country and we are all absolutely artist by heart so it wouldn’t be hard for Filipino audience to embrace such musical adaptation.

Being a fully devoted movie musical, Ang Larawan is undeniably risky yet a very refreshing approach to Philippine cinema. It breaks the boundaries of those typical cash cow movies that we used to see in this annual film festival (2016 however is an exemption). Foreign movies like La La Land or even the classic musicals Les Miserables or the Sound of Music were greatly adored by Filipinos and it is just about time to create our very own which will showcase our rich Filipino culture and values!

More than Just A Musical

Ang Larawan is more than just a movie filled with catchy music and witty dance numbers. It is a movie that will remind us all of our rich culture and reflects our very own values that have been turned over from one generation to another. Ang Larawan follows a story of two sisters Candida and Paula and their fate after their highly profiled painter father Don Lorenzo got ill. As what the title suggests, the story will revolve around this mysterious “masterpiece” painted by their father and how it managed to change their lives.
The two sisters have limited source of money to shoulder their monthly expenses and their dad’s medication. They were only depending upon the support of their two older siblings Manolo and Pepang who were both financially stable. The two, however, have baggage that they want to leave behind, making them eager not just to sell the painting but the house itself. How Candida and Paula cope with the situation? Well, that’s something you have to watch on your own risk!

A Colorful movie filled with Amazing cast, heartwarming music and witty dance numbers!

One of the best parts of this movie is the fact that it is built with a mixture of both old and refreshing actors who will not just showcase they acting ability but also their singing and dancing talents which some of you might find incredibly surprising.

Another interesting fact about the movie is that most of the actors here played a part in the original 90s stage play musical. Celeste Legaspi who will now play the role of Donya Loleng previously portrayed Candida in the 1998 restaging of the musical. Rachel Alejandro who remarkably played Paula in the movie reprised her role beautifully. Zsa Zsa Padilla and Cris Villonco were also part of the old casts.

The movie will also star the West End sensation Joanna Ampil as Candida along with Paulo Avelino as Tony Javier who was such an interesting revelation in the movie. Other cast includes Nonie Buencamino as Manolo, Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo as Pepang, Robert Arevalo as Don Perico, Sandino Martin as Bitoy, Aicelle Santos as Violet and a lot of surprising participation from different artists!

The scene where veteran actors like Bernardo Bernardo, Jaime Fabregas, Noel Trinidad, Dulce and Nanette Inventor in one epic scene is seemingly unimaginable and absolutely magical. The songs, the lyrics and the melody from this movie will penetrate to your veins as you can feel the strong emotions delivered by all the actors from the movie. Thanks to the remarkable talent of Mr Ryan Cayabyab and the ABS-CBN Philharmonic Orchestra who made the movie even more dramatic and heartfelt. Plus, it will also bring the tradition of Old Manila alive!

A Movie that You Should Not Miss

It is not every day that we get the chance to witness a movie that is 100 percent Filipino. To embrace a film that will showcase our rich culture and Filipino values. It is a musical film that will touch your heart and soul with their heartwarming songs about love and passion.

Going back to what Don Perico said, the movie will remind us that life is indeed not as simple as it is in arts. Our choices and decisions in life are not made because we want to paint a picture as perfect as we want them to be but because of the different forces outside our lives. We do not just decide for ourselves but also for the people we love and the kind of world we need to fit in. Life has been playful for Candida and Paula, they made bad choices along the way but they remained faithful to what they believe is right and they eventually get the kind of life they truly deserve!

Ang Larawan is movie that everyone from all walks of life will appreciate and something not to be missed. 

Review : Milton Coyne
Photos and Edited :Axl Guinto

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