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Watch Out for the Rising GEM of Asian Entertainment!

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A joint venture between Sony Pictures Television Networks and Nippon Television Network Corporation, GEM serves up star-studded and popular general entertainment programming from Japan,China,Hong Kong, Taiwan, and South Korea.

This July,GEM brings an entertainment line-up of shows, led by My Loser Husband premiering  simultaneously to its debut in Japan.Also featured this month are the Chinese epic drama Adventurous Journey,Korean variety show Uncontrollably Acting and the fifth season of the award-winning Japanese variety show The Quest.

My Loser Husband
Beginning on Saturday 8 July, My Loser Husband stars Ryo Nishikido from popular Johnny’s idol group Kanjani Eight and Mayu Matsuoka.
Tsukasa Kobayashi (played by Nishikido) is the ideal husband to Sayaka (Matsuoka), and together they make the picture-perfect couple. Beneath this façade, however, Tsukasa hides an embarrassing secret – he's terrible at his job! Though he tries to keep his incompetence at work a secret from his wife, he finally gets to the point when he feels he can no longer do his job. Just when he is about to quit, he finds out that his wife is pregnant.
Watch this loving pair every Saturday at 9pm.

Adventurous Journey
In order to restore stability in his kingdom, the Emperor decides to send his loyal subject BaiZe in search of five mystical stars. As he embarks on his quest, BaiZe meets and befriends four vastly different teenagers – the troublemaker, the chef, the mysterious girl and the princess.
 Will the five of them be able to complete their quest?
Catch Leo Wu, Zhang Yu Xi and Chen Xiang starting 7 July,every Monday to Friday at 8pm

Uncontrollably Acting
Ever dreamt of becoming like one of your favorite Hollywood movie actors?
Follow along the efforts of a hilarious group of well-known South Korean personalities as they take on various challenges every week to improve on their acting skills and win the acknowledgement of their peers!

Watch BamBam of GOT7, Cao Lu of Fiestar, Shin Bong Sun, webtoon artist Park Tae Joon, comedian Heo Kyung Hwan and more every Saturday at 10:40pm

The Quest (Season5)
Whether it is on land, at sea, or in the air,the Earth is filled with mysteries and adventures waiting to be discovered.
In this new season, laugh out loud at the hilarious antics of the hosts as they embark on journeys to far corners of Earth in search of new mysteries and adventures! With nail-biting stunts and amazing discoveries waiting at every turn, this is one variety show that is sure to keep viewers at the edges of their seats!
The Quest Season 5 premieres on July 7, every Friday at 10:10pm

Written : Patricia Curitana
Photos : AXL Guinto 

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