BEAUTIFUL PAIN (aka REDHA) : Denial is the enemy of truth


BEAUTIFUL PAIN is the first Malaysian film to tackle autism. In her feature directing debut, Tunku Mona Riza delivers a quiet, compassionate look at the condition which afflicts 1 in 160 children, according to the World Health Organization. Upon learning that their only son has autism, the parent's world suddenly crumbles. With hardly any knowledge about this condition, they struggle to confront the harsh realities of raising an autistic child.

Namron as Razlan
June Lojong as Alina
HarithHaziq as Small Danial
Izzy Reef as Big Danial

Director: Tunku Mona Riza

Running Time: 1 hour 54 minutes
Released by: Current Pictures SdnBhdthru Solar Pictures

Official Trailer of BEAUTIFUL PAIN (aka REDHA)

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