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Theater Review : Ateneo BlueRep' The Addams Family

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For someone like me who grew up in the 90s and If I will be asked to rank my favorite movies or tv shows when I was kid, The Addams Family is definitely one of the shows that I wouldn’t mind putting on top of my chart. The impact of either the film or the animated series is truly overwhelming that I still recall their iconic theme song (and that includes the funny finger snapping introduction and witty gestures). Addams Family has been adapted in different form of media.
It started as a cartoon created by Charles Addams and eventually it was adapted into a TV series in 1964. In 1991, it was adapted into a full length film, followed by a sequel and another animated series based from the movie. There was actually an attempt to bring the Addams Family back to the big screen but it was cancelled. Good thing in 2010, the Addams Family was adapted into Broadway Musical which was merely based on the cartoon rather than the animated series. The Addams Family Musical is now set to conquer the UK as part of their tour but you don’t have to travel that far just to witness this highly anticipated musical comedy because Ateneo BlueRep is currently staging the Addams Family for everyone’s own delight.

I was actually jumping out of joy when I found out that Ateneo BlueRep will stage The Addams Family Musical. I never get the chance to watch the Broadway adaptation (well I’m not financially capable for that haha) but I already saw some of the clips on YouTube especially the one starring Nathan Lane and Bebe Neurwith. So , at some point, I know the things I should expect from the show. Honestly,I didn’t set any huge expectations before the show. With a huge production like The Addams Family Musical to be staged in a less-spacious RMT (Rizal Mini Theater) in Ateneo, I know that at some point the stage production will be compromised. However, the team behind this production proved me all wrong and I was so impressed on how the show turned out and how they managed to give justice to the play.

The Addams Family Musical will focus on the story of Wednesday Addams (Ashe Uy) who just found her true love through Lucas Beineke (Vino Mabalot). The problem is that Gomez and Morticia Addams (Bryce Palafox and Arianna Norton) find it so hard to accept that their daughter is falling in love with a normal guy and worst; the young lovers are planning to get married. The show will provide nothing more but a pure comical delight and there was never a dull moment in its entire run. If there is one thing that I truly appreciate from the show is how they managed to utilize such small space to accommodate such huge cast and props. I was deceived by the kind of set up they welcomed us when we enter the theater but all my disappointments suddenly turned into amazement when the stage began to transform. It felt like looking at a huge Polly Pocket toy in action and I find it really clever, resourceful and truly creative.

Performance wise, I personally think that the case gave justice to their respective roles. They were all revelations to me and I still can’t imagine that the people behind these iconic characters were only college students who are very new into theater and have minimal experience in such field and yet what I have witnessed is a musical play that is seemingly performed by professionals. To top it all, we were informed that they production team were only given a couple of months to prepare. Bryce Palafox and Arianna Norton who played Gomez and Morticia respectively are seemingly born to play such iconic roles. They were able to bring the characters alive in their amazing portrayals. Some of the amazing cast includes Ashe Uy as Wednesday Addams, Janine Idquival as Pugsley,Michael Ubamos as Fester, Maritone Argente as Grandma Frump, Adrian Chio as Lurch, Vino Mabalot as Lucas Beineke, Kirk Kierulf and Sofia Santelices as Mal and Alice Beineke.
 The Addams Family stage
Aside from their amazing portrayals, I cannot help but to praise their amazing choreography as well. It actually felt like watching a real Broadway show due to their smooth and humongous production numbers. Full Disclosure is actually one of my most favorite parts and I think it was executed perfectly. The Addams Family Musical staged by blueREP is directed by the young and talented Darell Uy and is accompanied by the rest of his amazing artistic team including Evee Raypon (Choreographer), Abi Sulit (Musical Director), Mia Fortugaleza (Asst. Director), Kayla Teodoro (Set Designer), Mikka Espino (Costumes and Make Up) and a whole lot more.

The cast of  The Addams Family and the director
Ateneo Blue Repertory’s The Addams Family Musical will have a limited run for the month of November. Catch them in RMT (Rizal Mini Theater) every weekends. The mansion is opening its doors for you at 8PM on November 9-12, 15-19, 22-23, as well as at 3PM on Saturdays and Sundays (November 12,13,19 and 20) Tickets are priced at 300 each. For ticket inquiries, contact Rion Reyes at 09175089706.

Written : Milton Coyne
Photos : Axl Guinto and Milton Coyne
Edited : Axl Guinto

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