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Sitti Navarro : Bossa Nova to ElectroSITTI

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Sitti Navarro, singer songwriter and known as a bossa nova artist celebrates her 10th year in the music industry and her birthday as well with a concert and a single launch. The concert billed ElectroSITTI and also the name of her new album.
Trying a new mix of music and elements with her forte, Sitti decided to make a collaboration of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) to her bossa nova songs. It’s like a tropical house song with a feeling to just chill plus Sitti singing. She’s dedicating the mix to her fans and to the youth these days. It’s only the music background that changed, just trying to make her songs livelier yet still the Sitti that we used to know and most likely to groove to every word and beat of it.

The only challenge to her for this EDM is that in every song, she has to find the good music with a catchy sound and hook it up with a wholesome arrangement. And she is sure that her fans, the Sittizens, will definitely love the new sound of Sitti. It’s what keeps her singing, her fans and most especially her husband. Sitti tied a knot with Joey Ramirez last May 2015.

Changes do occur in her life, personally and to her music career as well. Joey is her first confidant and the one who listens first whenever she has a new addition to her music. Marriage taught her a lot of lessons in life. First is not to be selfish, it’s not only her but knowing that she has a partner through her ups and downs. And she said that having the value of team work is the best thought through their marriage.

Her birthday concert is divided into two parts, a flash back of what she used to be in her 10years in the music industry and the most awaited part, the combination of her bossa nova hits and EDM where she and everybody can enjoy, dance, and groove to her music. It is a two-day event at the Music Museum on November 25 and 26, 2016 together with her special guests like Jason Dy, Loonie, DJ Silver Filter, and the UST Percussion Ensemble. Tickets are available on Ticket World.

Written : Jorge Mitchel
Fotos : Milton Coyne
Edited : Axl Guinto

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