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Five Reason Why You Might Not Survive "The Green Inferno"

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“The Green Inferno”, would you or would you rather not watch it? 

Here are some reasons why you might not survive this movie: 

(1) Cannibals – who loves a flesh-eating, organ-eating human? I mean, humans eating other humans? Thriller movie enthusiasts would love it, but not the majority. Why? Because they’re just simply disgusting. If you can’t do not want to see cannibals eating eyeballs, tongue, and meat of humans, then you won’t survive The Green Inferno.

(2) Body Dismemberment – part of a cannibal film is the tearing of the human flesh, squirting of blood, and cracking of the bones. You can actually see in the film the limbs that are being chopped off the body, eyes being pulled out, and head being cut from the body. If you are not up to see such disturbing scenes, then you are not for The Green Inferno challenge.

(3) Afterimage – congratulations! You are one of the people who frequently have nightmares in sleep after watching a horror film, or those who loses appetite when they watched a grossly themed film. You may forget you ever knew horror films because The Green Inferno contains explicitly disturbing images beyond what your eyes can handle.

(4) Nudity – I salute you for your conservatism, but this film is not suitable for your virgin eyes and mind. The film is rated R18+ and contains sexually offending images.

(5) Activism – if you hate people making noises and whining about their rights, disturbing your sleep late in the evening or early in the morning, then this one’s also not for you. This is not just your typical cannibal film with running and eating flesh. But this film is themed with activists fighting for their ideals and making them a reality that whatever hell they may have come through, it will be and always will be their ideals that must prevail. If you’re the one who’s ever satisfied with the way of your living and thinks that activism is just a foolish risk of lives and a disturbance to the society, then this is not right for you.

So you think you can survive after watching this film? Then you better come prove it yourself if these reasons are nothing to you!

The Green Inferno is a Chilean-American horror-thriller film set in three distinct locations, from New York City to Peru and Chile. The film was produced and directed by the acclaimed American horror film producer-director Eli Roth.

The story follows a group of activists who were initially introduced to stand up for the hunger strike the janitors are facing from being underpaid. Justine (Lorenza Izzo), the female lead of the film, obsessed on her ideals of ending the FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) being practiced by some tribes, ended up joining this group of activists. Working on their next project, they travel to Amazon to save the rainforest and a vanishing native tribe. “No good deed goes unpunished”, the film’s tagline started to happen. Just when they were celebrating their success, the plane crashed in an unknown spot of the Amazon. Traumatized, the events escalated even more when a tribe—distinguished by their red stained skin—attacked them. The survivors of the plane crash experienced hell with this tribe as they were condemned to their deaths one by one.

Solar Pictures unleashes the Green Inferno in local cinemas nationwide beginning September 23, 2015.

Movie Rate : 3 / 5

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