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“The Night Shift” returns for fourth season starting June 28

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The lives of the men and women who work the graveyard shift at a Texas hospital are once again put in harm’s way in the new season of the absorbing medical drama The Night Shift, which premieres on Sony Channel this June.

At the San Antonio Memorial Hospital, former army medic Dr. TC Callahan (EoinMacken) lead a team of ex-army doctors who face a challenging environment in the midst of all the medical madness that happens when the day ends and their shift begins.

Callahan and company deal with one medical crisis after another while treating more veterans and military personnel using their battlefield-tested know how. Despite encountering a good deal of conflict with hospital policies, they have only one mission in mind – in order to save the day, they have to save lives.

The Night Shift Season 4 premieres on June 28, every Wednesday at 8:50pm same week as the U. S.

Sony Channel isavailable on SKYCable Channel 35, Destiny Cable Channel 62, Cignal Channel 120, G Sat Channel 48, and Cablelink Channel 39.

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