As someone relatively unfamiliar and/or indifferent with the complex Star Wars mythology, this supposed standalone movie didn't do me any favors, especially since it was obviously made to satisfy fanboys.

At the very least, The Force Awakens was completely accessible to non-fans that simply wanted an enjoyable popcorn flick (with the feeling of nostalgia as a bonus).

I snoozed through the first two-thirds of the movie and only fully regained consciousness when people started clapping at the end.

I couldn't believe that J.J. Abrams directed this movie so I waited for the credits and realized that it was actually by the same guy that botched the Godzilla reboot.

One scene that involved a character bravely defying laser beams and chanting that the force was with him made me laugh so hard that I actually wanted to step out of the theater because 1) I love geeks and I didn't want to ruin their viewing experience, and 2) I obviously feared for my life.

May the force be with me.

Movie Rate : ☆☆
Movie Review by : Jason Javier

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