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The Necessary Theatre’s ‘The Normal Heart’ "rerun" | Theater Review

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The Normal Heart is an autobiographical play by Larry Kramer which follows a story about the rise of HIV/AIDS crisis in New York City. A drama and medical thriller combined with medical-political issues concerning the ignorance and denial of the government, private organizations, and other entities that a new, unidentified strain of virus is spreading across humanity.

The Necessary Theatre’s ‘The Normal Heart’
Ned Weeks, the main character of the play, was a heroic idealist and writer in New York City who after hearing words from the people he knew—gay men—have suffered and died from the epidemic have been eager to spread awareness.
Dr. Emma Brookner, a polio survivor, also has this philosophy that the virus is being spread through sex and that gay men should abstain so as to prevent the further spread of the epidemic. Together, they try to bring the news and statistics they have obtained to the authority but are yet being ignored for years. Ned have been reaching his brother, Ben, for help in funding the research for this epidemic but is reluctant and is found to be more interested in buying a house worth $2 million. Ned’s partner, Felix, have been found to have this disease. And with a series of intense events, he then died at the end of the storyline which gave an awakening call for Ben and the authority to give their support and attention to this crisis.

The Normal Heart Manila’s production is a one exceptional play that is timely for the issue in the Philippines. Although it is set in New York City and is way back from 1980’s, it is simply just for the Philippines to witness this eye-opener storyline because what happened in New York City at that time period is what the Philippines is experiencing today. The show enlightens us about the Philippines’ statistics with the yearly and average daily infections, as well as the age and gender distribution.

Surely, the intention of the show is provocative that it conveys awareness toward the audience about the HIV/AIDS—it’s effects and it’s transmission.

Aside from this awareness, what makes this production a great one is what the set of casts. They were wonderfully selected so as to fit the characters of the story.

Not only, were they fit, but they came from various productions—actors, directors, or both. All of them are experienced and award winning actors in the field of theater (except from TJ Trinidad who has just come to his first professional theater acting but is credible for his acting experiences on TV and films).

One important note must not be excluded, the play is in English language. The casts were very fluent with their dialogues that you might forget the fact that they are actually Filipinos.

But this won’t change the fact that the target audience are Filipinos wherein the play could have more impact to the general audience if it is in our own language or is originally produced. Nevertheless, the totality of this production is as excellent as an international production can be.

HE NORMAL HEART,  stars Bart Guingona (who also directs), Roselyn Perez, Topper Fabregas, TJ Trinidad, Richard Cunanan, Jef Flores, Nor Domingo and Red Concepcion.

THE NORMAL HEART having a rerun last October 2 at 8pm at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Plaza Makati and will have a two-weekend run until October 11, 2015.

So don't forget to catch up this awesome and very educational awareness stage play.

See you in the theater!

More photos of the  The Normal Hearts "rerun" at the official fanpage of AXLPowerhouse.

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