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MEGAWORLD LIFESTYLE MALLS and KIDS ACTS PHILIPPINES shall present ‘ BEAUTY AND THE BEAST ’ on July 11, 2015 --- 4 p.m. at Lucky Chinatown Mall Atrium and July 12, 2015 --- 4 pm at Eastwood Mall.

This story of “Beauty and the Beast” is adapted from the original book by Jeanne-Marie LePrince De Beaumont. This version’s script and lyrics is by LUIGI NACARIO and music by EUGENE BELBIS.

Beauty and the Beast is a tale of friendship and true love of a beautiful girl and a horrible beast. Their love story started when Beauty’s father gathered a rose in the beast’s garden who dearly treasured and value it beyond anything in the universe. The Beast furiously attempted to kill Beauty’s father. He begged for his life, and he told Beast that he gathered it for one of his daughters who desired him to bring him one. The Beast decided to let him go in a condition that, he will let her daughter come to the palace willingly and stay with him as he desired. But if she refused to the idea, the merchant will go back to the palace to pay for his ungratefulness. Beauty willingly, went to Beast’s palace to save her father’s life until one time Beast asked her to be his wife but she offered friendship instead of marrying him. Beast’s persistence softened her heart and discovered that the monster had a pure heart. He gave a magical looking glass to Beauty as a gift of gratitude which was her only way to see the outside world. One day, she saw her father in the looking glass, had pined himself sick for the loss of her, she asked the monster that she longed to see her father again.

He allowed her to leave the palace and went home to her father only for a week. Beauty didn't fulfill her promise to return after a week, soon she dreamed that she saw Beast extended on the grass plat in the garden, who seemed just expiring, and, in a dying voice. On the next day, she left the house without the knowledge of her family. In the palace garden, Beauty saw Beast struggling to death, she thought that she will be losing him without telling the answer of his question every time they supped. She told the dying Beast with her regretful voice that she wanted to be his wife. After pronouncing the words, she saw the palace sparkle with light; and fireworks, instruments of music, everything seemed to give notice of some great event. Beast disappeared, and she saw at her feet, a loveliest prince that eye ever beheld. The Prince expressed his gratitude for having put an end to the charm by giving Beauty’s consent to marry him even in his scariest form. Beauty’s true love transformed Beast into a Prince and they lived forever happy that only death do them part.

Discover how true love transforms from a scariest physical form into a beautiful being of Beauty and the Beast featuring The CampArt Kid Actors (ages 7-15 years old) namely: Ella Gonzalez, Noel Comia Jr., Hyacinth Leonado, Allen Orolfo, Justin Orolfo, Angel Yu, Jewel Yu, Shanelle Comia, Woersha Calderon, Van Crisologo, Liam Crisologo, Nathan Flores, Ivan Jacosalem, Liza Marcos, Walline Calderon, Joshua Ang, Gab Hernandez, Princess Manaloto and Bella Engalla

For more information on Alice in Wonderland: A Children’s Musical and Eastwood City’s Once Upon an Easter Wonderland, call the Megaworld Lifestyle Malls Concierge at 709-9888, 709-0888 or 0917-8380111 or visit

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