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Vintage Cars of the Philippines Biggest Gathering of the year

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This year, Vintage Cars of the Philippines has decided to share this wonderful experience with the rest of the nation, with an aim to show that multicultural arts can be appreciated with the use of the different car collections. An event that will transcend people from present, back to the glorious olden times. The car collectors will have an opportunity to display their own cars for everyone to see. A chance for every car enthusiasts to witness an extravagant event that would satisfy an enthusiast's desires and interact with the owners of these prestigious collection.

Some of the vintage cars was already saw in the movies Asiong Salonga, Rosario and Boy Golden, which clearly portrays the cultural history of the Philippines, the whole nation have seen vintage cars showcased in the Philippine cinematography. On September, Vintage Cars Philippines will hold an event slated to have the largest showcase of classic cars in the country.

The event also includes a bazaar, entertainment and other various car-related activities. A short film festival will also be held with the theme of Vintage Cars. As a result of the classy theme of the film festival, the viewers will have the chance to experience the “Drive-in” feel that the short film festival will showcase. The winner of the festival will be announced on September 14, 2014

Vintage Cars of the Philippines is a gathering of different vintage car owners and vintage car groups in the Philippines. For over a year, the owners and the different vintage car groups were able to establish strong relationships and the gathering continues to expound the importance of time and quality of every automobile in the country. Furthermore, the gathering was also formed to promulgate the cultural history of the automobile industry in the Philippines.

 The event will be held at Esplanade Seaside Park on September 13-14, 2014. An admission free event.

For registration, the photos and details of the cars can be sent to:

For more information about this event kinldy contact Mr. Sean Lim at +639178141982 or you can go on the official fanpage of the Vintage Cars of the Philippines Group 

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