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Sundalong Kanin (Cinemalaya X) | Point of View

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About Sundalong Kanin

Set during the Japanese Occupation, four friends (Nitoy, Benny, Carding, and Badong) aspire nothing more than to become soldiers fighting the Japanese... until they are confronted by the realities of war that threaten to destroy their families and their friendship.

Janice O'Hara and Denise O'Hara

Nathaniel Brit, Ian de Leon, Marc Abaya, Gardo Verzosa, Via Veloso, Enzo Pineda, Paolo O’Hara, Che Ramos, Diana Alferez, Dante Balois, Elijah Canlas, Angelo Martinez

Point of View

I won't be surprised if Janice O'Hara's Sundalong Kanin ends up as this year's Audience Choice. It was flawed but completely engaging.

Not even the overacting of Marc Abaya (who just graduated from the post-80s Christopher de Leon School of Acting) made me dislike the movie.

I hope they give the Ensemble Cast award to the kids of Sundalong Kanin, easily the most charming kids since last year's Iskalawags.

POV By : Jason Javier

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