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Once A Princess | Movie Review

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About the Once a Princess

Its based on Angel Bautista's novel. Plot is about Erin Almeda came from a rich family who used her geeky classmate Leonard Jamieson and break up with him but she faced the trails when her family went to bankrupt. 7 years later Leonard reunited with Erin who is now married to Damian.


Erich Gonzales as Erin Almeda
Enchong Dee as Leonard Jamieson
JC de Vera as Damian
Ian Veneracion as Antoine
Bing Pimentel as Rosalie
Angel Aquino as Maritess

Matt Evans as Ricky Almeda
Tippy Dos Santos as Nina Ryans
Nikki Valdez as Myrna
Bryan Santos as Teddy
Eda Nolan as Kristine
Myrtle Sarrosa as Helen
Akiko Solon as Jackie
Annika Dolonius as Mischa
Ramon Christopher as Ambrose
John Uy as Maurice
Marx Topacio as Rommel

Althea Guanzon as Sofia

Movie Review

My notes on Once a Princess:

1. I'm sure everyone knows someone who tries desperately to speak English eh pwede naman mag-Tagalog na lang. The characters in this movie sounded just like that. If they were trying to sound conyo, they failed miserably. Every delivery felt awkward, unnatural, and straight out of an elocution contest.

2. Erich got reprimanded by her mom for wearing a short skirt but not because of her abominable black high socks and brown boots combo. That was just bad parenting.

3. "Erin, you're my anchor. You're my compass. You're my North Star. I know in my heart you're my destination." Jusmio! I almost threw up the nachos I just ate.

4. In a later scene, Enchong developed an app that will help people find their destinations, just like a GPS. It was obviously called North Star. (I did throw up at this point.)

5. Merong labanan ng lipstick. Mukhang si Enchong ang nananalo.

6. Matt Evans: "Naghahanap si Daddy ng pera pambayad sa pang-ospital ni Mommy."
Erich: "Bakit? Nasaan si Mommy?"
Me: "Malamang nasa ospital, dear."

7. And in line with the suicide theme that seemed to be common in a lot of Pinoy films this year, Enchong filled his knapsack with rocks and tried to drown himself at the beach. Maiba lang. Bongga!!

8. And yet in another scene, Erich spilled hot coffee on her but barely noticed because...she was in love.

ONCE A PRINCESS (Laurice Guillen, 2014) - Where Enchong Dee plays Ate Shawie in Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita. I'm not kidding.

Movie Rate :

Movie Review By; Jason Javier

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