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DUKIT (Carved in Wood) Movie 2013

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Dukit (Carved in Wood), directed by Armando Y. Lao, an official entry to the New Wave Full Film Feature of the Metro Manila Film Festival 2013, premiered last December 18, 2013 at Glorietta 4 Cinemas, together with other New Wave entries.
The story is inspired by the life of Wilfredo “Willy” Tadeo Tayug, awarded as 2002 Most Outstanding Kapampangan Award in Ecclesiastical Art (MOKA).
The movie revolves around the life and struggles of “Waldo”, played by Willy Layug himself. The movie shows of the alternate current and childhood events in the life of Waldo who as a child was a papa’s boy and later on started hating his father after his mother’s death. His father left him and his sisters to be with his then mistress-turned-wife after their mother died. He had witnessed how his father would exchange letters with “Lucing” and how his mother would collect the letters and read them. And act as if nothing was wrong.
After his mother died, he fullfilled his childhood promise and married “Bebeng”. One of the best parts of the movie was when Waldo shouted to Bebeng, “Paglaki ko, pakakasalan kita!” and that funny reaction of “Bebeng” who would just runaway from him in disbelief of what he just said. Married young and a college undergraduate, “Waldo” earned a living by woodcarving. He is famous for this religious woodcarvings and made a good fortune out of it, acquiring clients from all over the country. Later on, he has his own gallery and workers at Betis Galleria. The movie also highlighted the different religious practices of the town like the Procession of the Saints and that street dance “Kuraldal” which is participated by devotees dressed in white shirt printed with the face of Jesus crowned with torn, dancing and turning along the streets while holding a sword and a shield props. 
Childhood flashbacks of “Waldo” were that with his father, walking together during the procession, eating balut in front of the church, playing together and the last was when he was already with a child, he visited his father in the lumberyard, after getting a glimpse of him, turned his back and never looked back. 
Reconciling with his own father took a little while before it happened. But in his heart, he know he how much he loves his father. While preparing for his birthday celebration, his wife suggested that it’s about time to reconcile with his father, but instead of entertaining the idea, he changed the topic by talking about the plans for his birthday. On the day itself, his father and stepmom together with their son, came to his birthday bearing a guitar as a present for him. He never stopped loving his father. He had been his inspiration and had been dancing the “Kuraldal” for him to come back to their lives. 
Watch Dukit and witness how the vanishing craft of woodcarving can turn a lonely piece of timber into a divine figure. It will also show you how love can deeply influence one’s craftsmanship and artistry. Other MMFF 2013 New Wave Full Film Feature entries include, Mga Anino ng Kahapon, Ang Maestra, Saka Saka and Island Dreams.
The MMFF is now on it’s 38th year held every Christmas Season for its continuous support to the Filipino film industry in providing artistic depictions of both the country’s stories and history. An executive committee headed by the Metro Manila Development Authority Chairman and composed of the key members of the film industry, supervises this annual event.

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