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KUBOT: THE ASWANG CHRONICLES 2 (2014 MMFF Entry) | Movie Review

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After defeating the Tiktiks in Pulupandan, Makoy returns to Manila, along with Sonia, Nestor, and other survivors of the fight. But along the way, Kubots (hairy bat-like creatures) ambush their jeep and kill Sonia, an act of retribution to avenge the death of the Tiktiks. Makoy also loses an arm in the accident. 2 years later, Nestor, with nowhere to go and no one to live with, lives in Manila with the now-hopeless Makoy. But hope is still there.

Cast :
Dingdong Dantes as Makoy
Isabelle Daza
Hannah Ledesma as Sonia
Joey Marquez as Nestor
Ramon Bautista
Elizabeth Oropesa
KC Montero as Doms
Lotlot de Leon
Marco "Bogart" Ho
Julie Anne San Jose


My notes on Kubot: The Aswang Chronicles 2:

1. I recommend that you watch the first film only because this one started where the original left off. It's not required viewing but at least you get to see Janice de Belen's terrific performance.
2. Lotlot de Leon, another Pinoy horror staple, easily stole the show. She looked like she was just having so much fun in the role. Hey, why not get Manilyn Reynes for the third film? Or better yet, why not get all three actresses for a Shake Rattle & Roll reunion? Sounds fun!
3. The special effects were good (at least in Pinoy movie standards). I especially liked the luscious killer hair of the aswangs that gave a whole new meaning to haba ng hair.
4. I might not eat hotdogs for the next couple of months.
5. One funny sequence had the aswangs in training by hitting themselves with buntot pagi and having tons of garlic on their arms and hands. I wish I could be as determined on my next diet slash gym resolution.
6. I loved how the scenes in the first half were meticulously shot and framed. My favorite would have to be the one where Lotlot and Isabelle Daza jumped out of the pool. I wished it was edited better, though.
7. What happened with the film's second half? It almost abandoned the entire story and just piled on one silly joke after another. The excessive weirdness was a complete turn-off.
8. What were Julie Ann San Jose and Abra doing in this movie? It scared me a bit that they would start singing the theme song for no good reason.
9. Was I the only one thinking about Twilight's Volturi with KC Montero in the Aro (Michael Sheen) role?
10. And then Marian Rivera showed up at the end setting up the final film in this planned trilogy by launching into an awesome Sabay Sabay Tayo dance bonanza. Kidding. I was bored by then.

Movie Rate : ★★★☆☆

Directed by Erik Matti and produced by GMA Films, AgostoDos Pictures and Reality Entertainment
Movie Review by : Jason Javier

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