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Tanghalang Pilipino Present : Melanie (Let's Talk about HIV and AIDS)

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MELANIE tells the story of gay parlorista who became the subject of gossip after his death, due to an AIDS-related complication. At his funeral-turned-disco party, his friends and colleagues gather to discuss the horrors of ‘becoming like Melanie’, showing a fear of infection, which is caused by sheer ignorance on the virus and the disease. Each one has a story to tell; and each one has a fear to conquer. In the end, everyone is left with an eye-opener: we are only afraid of what we don’t understand. Using Forum Theater as a device, the production effectively inculcates important information about HIV and AIDS to the audience by involving them into the performance through an interactive ‘breaking of the fourth wall’. This way, audience feel that they are part of the process, and at a greater extent, are involved in creating an effective solution.

The rise in the number of HIV and AIDS cases in the Philippines has become a cause of alarm to the population in the recent years. To date, the Philippines is one of nine countries in the world where the number of HIV and AIDS cases continue to grow. In addition to that, the age group infected by both HIV and AIDS has become significantly younger and younger over the years, with recorded cases of teenagers not more than 14 years old contracting the virus. This, plus the prevailing lack of understanding of Filipinos about HIV and AIDS have led Tanghalang Pilipino, the resident theater company of the Cultural Center of the Philippines, into forging a partnership with global organization UNICEF in creating a groundbreaking campaign to raise awareness on these sensitive issues. This gave birth to MELANIE, a forum theater production, which premiered on October 2013, and has since toured Metro Manila, specifically the areas with the highest rates of HIV and AIDS. With a specific goal in mind: to spread awareness, as well as provide a strong message to those who have already contracted the virus that there is still hope for a normal life, MELANIE has helped audiences in understanding HIV and AIDS better. In celebration of World AIDS day this December, MELANIE returns to the stage for a limited run from December 3 – 14, 2014 at the Tanghalang Huseng Batute (Studio Theater) of the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

MELANIE is directed by Tanghalang Pilipino’s Associate Artistic Director Tuxqs Rutaquio.

For reservations you can call or text the Marketing and Sales Associate of Tanghalang Pilipino Juan Lorenzo Marco at  0999-8843821/09353784781

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