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The Sevenfriday is now in the Philippines!

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Lasy February 7, a Friday, Sevenfriday had their first official flash party launch at Black Market, an underground club on Sabio St. near Chino Roces in Makati City. This flash party established the brand’s presence and soon-to-be prominence in the Philippine fashion scene. Thanks to the efforts of the dynamic Sevenfriday Manila group, they treated Manila’s hip clique to a fun flash party at the Black Market on Sabio St. Chino Roces, Makati City. Also present in this happening event was Sevenfriday founder Dan Niederer himself, who flew in all the way from Switzerland to grace the occasion, as well as renowned UK-based watch blogger Anish Bhatt (@WatchAnish).

Manila’s cool crew came decked in Industrial Chic edgy style as they got an exclusive glimpse of the Sevenfriday brand and its philosophy. The night peaked when Sevenfriday identified top personalities who embody the Sevenfriday brand:

The SevenFriday Influencers 
Ms. Ornussa Cadness—Being an awesome epitome of chic and edgy, this DJ-model has made her own unique brand of gorgeousness with a remarkable edge. Moonlighting as a deejay with Zombettes at night and still ruling the runway during the day, she strikes the Sevenfriday balance of stylish and hip.

Talent and technical skill, those are what make one own the game. For athlete Jeron Teng, winning was about a thorough mastery of his craft. Sevenfriday is quite similar. Technical perfection makes it a strong player in the watch market. And just like Jeron, the game is definitely in the bag.

Up next is Chef Laudico—We know him well for some of our favorite foodie joints. He hit the culinary scene even before culinary even started trending. Today, he continues to titillate taste buds of Filipinos in the metro. In Sevenfriday fashion, he represents success in doing what you’re ultimately passionate about.

Following on the list is Ms. Laureen Uy—This youthful and popular digital maven represents a leadership in a world that moves at hyper pace. With her blog Break My Style, her work becomes her passion and it seems that every day for her—whether through her OOTDs or posts—has the brightness, drive, and lightness of Fridays. She’s Sevenfriday material, indeed.

Next we have Mr. Anton Del Rosario—Pinoy at heart but ultimately global in stance, this good-looking Azkal won hearts when football became all the rage. Now, he’s become a household name that proves that the Pinoy is ready for the big league. Sevenfriday will definitely take Pinoys up a notch.

A TV constant with her angelic face but a spicy character, Ms. Rhian Ramos is anything but your ordinary run-of-the-mill actress. Like Sevenfriday, she stands out because she’s candidly casual but also sophisticatedly beautiful at the same time. Not a lot of people can pull off that duality like a Sevenfriday, but Rhian definitely does it with style.

Last but definitely not the least is Senator Chiz Escudero. A brilliant statesman, he can make nation-building seem hip and ultimately cooler.  He has the ability to bring substance and strength to the house—and like a Sevenfriday watch that always makes a tasteful statement, we expect nothing less from Senator Chiz every single time.

The night grew to a hip bash as Ornussa Cadness and Sanya Smith took to the turntables with the edgy sound of Zombettes.

Flash Party Scene

With Sevenfriday in the local scene, watch enthusiasts are now edgier, cooler, more hip. With a casual luxe brand on their wrists, Filipinos can now make every day a Sevenfriday.

The Sevenfriday is exclusively available in select boutiques in Manila as well as its solo botique located at Promenade 3 fo the Greenhills Shopping Complex in San Juan City. They offer free nationwide shipping for order outside of Manila. For inquiries, please email

Follow @sevenfriday_manila for updates.


What is SevenFriday?

The name alone tells you that this is something different. Both in design, heft, and form, it communicates a unique aura that is totally different from competing watches in its price bracket, and even higher-end luxury watches. Like the watch itself, a Sevenfriday wearer is sophisticated, successful, and with good taste—but with a rebelliousness of spirit that makes him unafraid to stand out.

While photos of Sevenfriday’s one-of-a-kind timepieces are often sufficient enough to wow even non-collectors, nothing beats the sensory and tactile experience of actually wearing a Sevenfriday watch. Up close and in motion, you can truly appreciate the elegant visual complexity of its multi-faceted dial, and admire the handiwork that defines its finishing. On the wrist, you can feel the grace underneath its massive, industrial modernity. Among bystanders, it elicits both admiration and curiosity—they want to know what you’re wearing, and how they can get one.



Phoemela Baranda (host of the night) and Mr Daniel Niederer.
“When you look at the timepiece market today, there is a lack of innovation,” says Daniel Niederer, owner and founder of Sevenfriday. “We wanted to create something that represents a lifestyle that I want to live, the values I believe in. That was really the foundation of Sevenfriday.”

Clearly, the watch reflects the individualist nature of the man himself. For fifteen years, he worked in some of the biggest brands of the watch industry, before striking out to create his own watch brand. It was a “carpie diem” moment for Dan, and defined the way he envisioned Sevenfriday. “Try to seize the day,”  he says of his personal philosophy. “Whether you’re working, whether you’re with your family, whether it’s a weekend, just try to enjoy life. Every day is Friday.”

To create the Sevenfriday, Dan partnered with the Studio Divine team, based in Biel, Switzerland, to create the now-iconic Sevenfriday design language. Conceptualization began roughly two and a half years ago. Using the industrial age as an inspiration, they created a watch that was unlike any other. ”They didn’t go the easy way...or perhaps I didn’t let them go the easy way,” laughs Dan.

“The thing was to create a timepiece of the highest quality standards,” says Dan about the brand, “with a very high perceived value but still quite affordable. We wanted create a watch you don’t just put in a drawer. Normally, you look at a watch and you think, oh it’s a jewelry watch, it’s a sports watch. But you look at this watch and you’re not sure. Is it classic or is it modern? I don’t want to classify it, really. I don’t want to specify what it stands for. I believe a good design shouldn’t explain too much.”

Despite only coming out in 2012, it seems that time has vindicated Dan Niederer’s brave, risky move, with good notices from many watch aficionados around the world, as well as a brisk turnover of orders from his Switzerland headquarters. Currently, Sevenfriday is distributed in over 60 markets worldwide. It owes its reach and popularity to its impressive mechanism and unique craftsmanship. “If you want to create a watch today which doesn’t resemble anything else, it’s nearly impossible. Nearly everything has been done,” says Niederer. But, Sevenfriday has arrived to break the mold.


Dan met his current partners in Sevenfriday Manila almost by chance, via social media. Despite having been in operation for only three months, the unique watch caught the eye of the Sevenfriday Manila group, who quickly moved to contact Dan. “We clicked in terms of having the same objectives and having similar thinking,” Dan says. “Most importantly, we have a similar way of looking at life and living life.”

Since then, Sevenfriday Manila has gained a steady and growing base of watch fans who appreciate the design and love the philosophy behind the brand. Sevenfriday timepieces have become some sort of lifestyle symbol for urban hyphenates who’ve arrived, multi-faceted individuals who conquer the work world while wanting to live everyday like it were Friday. You’ll see Sevenfriday’s styles adorn the wrists of boardroom leaders, level up the casual clique, and even grace the intimate corners of the speakeasy circuit.

To accommodate the stream of steady new members of the Sevenfriday club, Sevenfriday Manila opens the doors of its first solo boutique at the Promenade 2 in the Greenhills Shopping Complex. The store bellies the same industrial chic vibe of its timepieces, and it showcases all the unique and fresh designs of Sevenfriday. This 2014 foresees the opening of a couple of more Sevenfriday stores in key cities around the metro. It seems that Filipinos are latching on to the Sevenfriday philosophy ever so fondly—and why not? If we could all have Friday seven days a week, why wouldn’t we want that?

The Sevenfriday is exclusively available in the Sevenfriday boutique in Promenade 3 in the Greenhills Shopping Complex and in select watch specialty stores in Metro Manila, with free nationwide shipping for orders outside of Metro Manila. For inquiries, please email

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