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Guest Post : Escape the Town with Top 5 Smartphone Applications

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Itching to do something new this summer? You can find new and interesting places to visit right from your smartphone. Check out these top 5 apps for your phone to get you out of the cubicle or the home office:

Many apps are tailored to helping you find local sights and attractions, but according to the tech blog PC World, one of the best on the market is Poynt. The app allows you to search for restaurants based on the type of cuisine you’re craving and make your reservations on the go. It also allows you to search for movie listings and special events and concerts happening near you.

TripAdvisor in Augmented RealityIf you’re looking for an on-the-ground guide to the best restaurants and attractions in an unfamiliar city, it doesn’t get any better than this free app from TripAdvisor. The “augmented reality” feature works alongside your phone’s camera to provide you with reviews of popular sights and restaurants as you pass them. Simply open the app and point your camera toward the attraction in question to start reading the reviews. TripAdvisor also offers several downloadable guides for BlackBerry 10 OS users headed to places like Dubai, Vienna, Milan, Vancouver, and Chicago.

Mysterious PlanetNeed a bit of travel inspiration? This free app for most smartphones contain a collection of photos from some of the world’s most exotic places—the pyramids of Egypt, the ruins of Peru, and the temples of India—to help you catch the travel bug. The app also provides information about each pictured destination to help you learn more about its history and cultural significance.

UrbanspoonThe tech blog List Them Out makes special mention of Urbanspoon in its recent list of travel apps for BlackBerry users. If you’re a foodie, chances are you’re already acquainted with just how handy Urbanspoon can be. But if you’re not, Urbanspoon is a wonderful tool for finding new restaurants based on neighborhood, cuisine, and price. Can’t decide what you want to eat? Spin the Urbanspoon slot machine for a random recommendation from the app. Check out critics, reviews and recent tweets to get a better idea of the type of dining experience you’ll have before you make your reservations.

FoursquareMost people think of foursquare merely as a check-in tool, but when used purposefully, it can become the ultimate source for finding cool things to do no matter where you are! Just arrived to a new city? Use the “Explore” section of foursquare to find out what’s trending near you. Staying closer to home? Consult the app to find out where your contacts have been recently—and whether or not they’d recommend those places to others as well. Return the favor by sharing places you visit with others.

Don’t have the new version of your smartphone already? Update your software by finding the “check for updates” option on your smartphone, if you are a BlackBerry user like myself, utilising the BlackBerry Link feature on your home computer, or heading to BlackBerry’s website for more information.

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