Martes, Mayo 29, 2012

Chief Justice Renato Corona found guilty.

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After a long journey of a Impeachment Trial, the Senate trial court found Corona Guilty of Article II.

20 Senators voted to convict the Chief Justice.

Here the final tally of the result of the Chief Justice Corona Impeachment Trial: Judgment Day.

List of 20 vote for conviction

  Enrile,Villar,Trillanes,Sotto,Revilla ,Recto,Pimentel,Pangilinan,Osmena, Legarda,Lapid,Lacson,Honasan,Guingona,Estrada,Escudero,Drilon,Cayetano P.,Cayetano A.,Angara

List of 3 vote for acquit

Arroyo,Santiago and Marcos

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