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Ateneo Will Go Green If La Salle Will Show The Way

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“Ateneo Will Go Green If La Salle Will Show The Way” is AdLSU’s campaign to showcase how every Atenean and La Sallian has the power to change the world they live in.

From 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm on March 31, WWF-Philippines together with Ateneo and La Salle institutions will again stage Earth Hour to inspire Filipinos to switch off their lights and dare their friends to save planet Earth.

Inspired by “I Will If You Will” campaign, the digital platform is the result of an alliance between WWF, Leo Burnett, and YouTube – merging the world’s biggest social video platform with the world’s largest environmental event.

For the first time, Earth Hour, to be held on March 31, is taking a creative leap from its annual lights out event to offer a further opportunity for its communities to be part of actual environmental solutions.

Earth Hour began as a single-city initiative in 2007 and has since grown to be a 5,251-city strong global movement, reaching 1.8 billion people in 135 countries across all seven continents.

Earth Hour Philippines has led the global switch-off since 2009, ranking number one globally in terms of town and city participation for three consecutive years.

A record-breaking 1,554 Philippine cities and municipalities switched off in 2011, 1,076 in 2010, 647 for 2009 and over 50 during the country’s inaugural Earth Hour switch-off in 2008.

Join us! Spread the word.


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14 (mga) komento:

  1. Congratulations, I will also be part of this movement. Thanks for sharing this project

  2. wow this is pretty interesting. im a thomasian but im loving the campaign :D

  3. First of all, I love the concept of ADSLU! And secondly, I will definitely be supporting this project.. :)

  4. I will also support this project. Sana nga monthly na gawin wag nag yearly e :)

  5. This is a great, I am glad Ateneo and La Salle have taken the lead in promoting awareness reagrding Earth Hour. This is indeed a great way to show Mother Earth that you care.:)

  6. Interesting. What is La Salle's answer to this challenge?

    Agree with Levy, sana monthly gawin, mas laking tipid yun.

  7. Was able to read this early on, and Marc Nelson was pledging well into this campaign, which is a brilliant idea actually. Good thing there are people who still advocate such good causes. =)

  8. great campaign. nice to know Philippines is ranking first on this project! I hope this union of Ateneo and La Salle won't stop here.

  9. I've always promoted this cause! Been a year already, time surely flies so fast! Thomasian din here pero I support this hihi

  10. wow this can save us an energy but we can also lose some time, well just take it as a break too

  11. Very good initiative from both camps! I will also participate on this year's Earth hour!

  12. ..i might be in Mla to celebrate Earth Hour.. ;) hopefully, we will make it to be the top again this year!

  13. am just about to write my post on earth hour! this is something everyone ought to partake. this is after all an activity to help save the only planet we've got!

    thanks for sharing :)

  14. either atenista or lasalista...
    everybody should go GREEN to save our planet.
    i am supporting this project.


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