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The Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival is a film festival in the Philippines held annually during the months of July and August at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Its aim is the development and promotion of Filipino independent films.The film festival is organized by the Cinemalaya Foundation, with the support of the Cultural Center of the Philippines and Econolink Investments, Inc.

Each year, the Festival provides "seed investments" of Php 500,000 (USD 10,000~) to ten independent filmmakers. These ten "finalists" are culled from hundreds of submissions from all over the Philippines. Their films debut at the festival, together with in-competition short films, as well as various out-of-competition works.

The festival organizing committee is headed by veteran Filipino director and actress Laurice Guillen. The committee oversees the production of the films, sometimes interfering with filmmakers' artistic decisions.The 10th edition of the festival will be held from August 1-10 of 2014 at Metro Manila, Philippines.

#CinemalayaX Scorecard:
Hari ng Tondo (Carlos Siguion Reyna)
Lola (Kevin Ang Tan)
The Ordinary Things We Do (David Corpuz)

Sundalong Kanin (Janice O'Hara)
#Y (Gino Santos)
1st Ko Si 3rd (Real Florido)
Mariquina (Milo Sogueco)
K'na the Dreamweaver (Ida del Mundo)
Nakabibinging Kadiliman (Paolo O'Hara)
Mga Ligaw na Paruparo (JE Tiglao)
Asan Si Lolo Me (Sari Estrada)

Children's Show (Derick Cabrido)
Eyeball (Thop Nazareno)
Indayog ng Natayamak (Joris Fernandez)
Ina-Tay (Chloe Veloso)

Dagitab (Giancarlo Abrahan)
Ronda (Nick Olanka)
Bwaya (Francis Pasion)
Padulong sa Pinuy-anan (Eden Villarba)
Kasal (Joselito Altarejos)
Tiya Bening (Ralph Quijano)

Hustisya (Joel Lamangan)
S6parados (GB Sampedro)
The Janitor (Michael Tuviera)
Asintado (Louie Ignacio)

POV By: Jason Javier

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