After Four Band release the Music Video entitled "Huling Sayaw ng Puso."

The After Four Band release there official music video for their debut single entitled "Huling Sayaw ng Puso."

Going beyond the infancy stage from its birth in 2012, AFTERFOUR band is drawing upon various appearances at festivals, major venues, theatres, bars, gardens and sheds. The group is composed of four solo artists who are all performers in their own right. Their performance is magical and their emotional connection through their rendition pierces the mind and soul of every listener. (

After Four Band is composed of Koj Daniel Reynes as lead vocalist, Angelberg Josue as lead guitarist, Mark Pascual Lim as bassist and Justine Margallo as acoustic guitarist.

Huling Sayaw ng Puso is written no other than the lead vocalist Koj, I must admit this song is really emotional specially in the chorus part and like the other love story saying goodbye is the hard way to say.

Here what the chorus said:

Ito na ang huli
Dito matitigil ang lahat
Ito na ang huli
Maghihiwalay na ng landas
Ito na ang huli
Ito na ang huling sayaw ng ating puso

The music video directed by Tyke King Generale, director of photography by Dexter dela Pena, musical director by Dindo Cheng and Executive Producer Marla David.

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