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"I DO" its new reality TV official trailer

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MANILA - ABS-CBN has released the full trailer for "I Do," its new reality TV series featuring 9 couples looking for a head start on married life.

The extended preview gives a closer look at the "I Do" village in Cavite where the couple-contestants will live for the duration of the show. It also gives the first glimpse of the couples' faces.

A montage of the contestants' interactions sees one couple in a sweet moment, and another in an apparent argument.

In a dramatic moment in the trailer, the female contestants are each left with the decision to wear a white dress as they emerge in the courtyard, where their respective partners are waiting. Wearing the dress would signify their resolve to get married.

The winning couple, which will be determined through a series of challenges that will test and strengthen the contestants' relationships, will be given P1 million and a house, in addition to their dream wedding.

Throughout the competition, the couples will be guided by life coach Pia Acevedo, pyschologist and marriage counselor Dr. Julian Montano, as well as host Judy Ann Santos, herself a wife of five years with two children.

Joining Santos as co-host is Jason Gainza.

According to the trailer, "I Do," which is billed as an original concept and a first on Philippine television, will premiere later this month.

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