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ASOP (A Song of Praise) Music Festival Winners

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ASOP Interpreters
The fifth season of the much awaited ASOP (A Song of Praise) Music Festival concluded remarkably last November 7 at the Big Dome Araneta. The entire coliseum was jam packed by thousands of audiences from different parts of the country who went there just to witness their personal bets and to give their all-out support for their idols. ASOP Music Festival is the only song writing festival in the Philippine television where participants are encouraged to write song of praises.
 The songs were written by amateurs and aspiring composers and each will be interpreted by different music artists. The show will pick weekly winners who will proceed to their monthly competition until they finally end up with 12 songs for the Grand finale. Each finalist went through intensive deliberation and training with the help of their judges who will provide their honest and constructive criticisms to help them improve their pieces.

Hosts Richard Reynoso and Toni Rose Gayda with the composer
The whole crowds in Araneta Coliseum during the ASOP Musical Festival Year 5 Finale were not just entertained and overwhelmed with the performances but they were also spiritually enlightened. Hosts Richard Reynoso and Toni Rose Gayda never failed to amuse the audience during the shows especially when it comes to their witty interviews with the finalists.  The panel of judges for this very special night includes big names in music industry Isah Red, Trina Belamide, Jonathan Manalo, Mon Del Rosario, Jed Madela and the one and only Nora Aunor who just made a big revelation during the event.

The finalists for the ASOP Music Festival Year 5 include the following:

“Ikaw Pala” written by Wilfred Gaspar and interpreted by Ms Ima Castro ( A powerful and heartfelt ballad)

“You Stood By Me” written by Vincent Labating and interpreted by Jason Fernandez (A rock-themed song that will somehow remind you of those songs by Hillsong United)

“Tapat Mong Pangako” written by Gulliver Enverga and interpreted by the trio Voysing

“Patawarin Mo Ako” by Fernando Gardon and performed by Kris Lawrence in his signature style of singing.

“Tanging Ligaya” written by Angelica Soriano was interpreted by YouTube sensation Zendee

“Ang Iyong Pangalan” by Romarico Mendiola was interpreted by Jovit Baldovino

“God Will Always Make A Way” was an original piece by Glen Bawa and Ronald Calpis and was interpreted by Bugoy Drilon in a reggae style.

“Pagibig Ka, Oh Dios” was written by LJ Manzano and was interpreted by another trio, the JBK

“Kumapit Ka Lang” was written by a student from La Verdad Christian College and was interpreted by Mela

“Ikaw Lamang” was written by Jonatan Sta Rita and is performed by Tim Pavino

“Mula Sa Aking Puso” is an original piece by Joseph Ponce and was interpreted in a joyful rendition by Mr Carlo David

“Araw at Ulan” is written by Joselito Caleon and is interpreted by Sitti.

4th Impact at ASOP
The audience was also entertained and surprised with their intermission numbers too. The internationally acclaimed 4th Impact gave out a series of remarkable and powerful performances as they sung a medley of heartwarming song of praises.

Before the results, the crowd was entertained by four huge music artists who also became part of the show in its previous seasons. These performers include Michael Pangilinan, Liezl Garcia, Leah Patricio and Jason Dy.

Although all the participants who made it to the finale is already a winner by default, only five of them are technically recognized and went home with great prizes.  Listed below are the full lists of winners from the recently held ASOP  Music Festival Year 5:

People’s Choice Award – Ikaw Lamang by Jonathan Sta Rita (Performed by Tim Pavino)
Best Interpreters – Jason Fernandez and Bugoy Drilon

3rd Runners Up : (Tie) “Mula Sa Aking Puso” by Joseph Ponce and “You Stood By Me” by Vincent Labating

2nd Runner Up- “Araw At Ulan” by Joselito Caleon(Performed by Sitti)

1st Runner Up – “God Will Always Make A Way” by Ronald Calpis and Glenn Bawa (Performed by Bugoy Drilon)

Song Of the Year (Champion) – Kumapit Ka Lang by Noemi Ocio (Performed by Mela)

Song Of the Year (Champion) – Kumapit Ka Lang by Noemi Ocio (Performed by Mela)

Kuya Daniel Razon and Bro Eli Soriano also shared their inspiring thoughts and messages to their followers and they also teased that ASOP 2016 will offer a much bigger, grander and wider platform for aspiring composers as they are planning to make it as an international competition and that is something we should look forward to.

Just in case you missed their songs, you can visit their ASOP TV YouTube Channel -  and listen to these inspiring songs of praises!

More photos of  ASOP (A Song of Praise) Music Festival Winners at

Written : Milton Coyne
Photos : Axl Guinto & Milton Coyne
Edited : Axl Guinto

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