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Sky Cable celebrates Sky Let's Be One

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Sky Cable has become the biggest and most leading cable television provider in the Philippines since 1992. With over two decades in the industry, they continuously improving their service for their customer’s own delight.
They launched the first ever prepaid cable TV service in the country in 2006 via SkyCable Silver Prepaid and they eventually broadened their services by launching other programs like SKYBROADBAND in 2008 and SKYVOICE ,the lowest-priced IDD calling service the same year.

Antonio "March" Ventosa talks about new promo of SKYCable
They also launched their Pocket wifi service , the SKYMOBI which allows users to surf the internet and watch SKYCable channels everywhere they go through their SKY On Demand. And now, they are finally bringing them all together through their newly launched bundle plan ~ the One Sky! As what the title suggests, it is a new line of all-in-one subscription plan which allows the subscribers to gain access to the company’s premium offerings which includes the high-speed SKYBROADBAND internet connection, the access to their premium HD Cable tv channels via SKYCable and also their reliable Mobile internet service via SKYMOBI. You can grab them all in one plan through ONE SKY.

You and your family can definitely enjoy the convenience and the ultimate entertainment through this new offerings of SKY Cable via ONE SKY. This all-in-one subscription plan can be availed for as low as Php1,599 per month which gives you access to Unlimited Broadband up to 8 Mbps, an access to their HD Cable Tv channels, Sky On Demand and HBO Go (with Php99 to be added on top of the bill for Php1599 and Php1999 plans but this is free of charge if you subscribe to their Php2999 and Php3999 plan respectively). You also have the option to avail their Mobile internet service for as low as Php499 per month)

Feel free to check their One Sky Premium Plans here and check which plans suit your need. This also includes access to local ABS-CBN TV shows and ABS-CBN channels, live TV and catch-up VOD. Subscribers can enjoy access to local and foreign movies and full season shows for 60 days upon first log-in.
Here are the things to expect from ONE Sky Cable plans

One Sky Plans
Plan 1,599
– Up to 8Mbps cable internet
– 10 HD channels
– 31 SD channels
– Sky On Demand
Plan 1,999
– Up to 16Mbps cable internet
– 10 HD channels
– 31 SD channels
– Sky On Demand
Plan 2,999
– Up to 32 Mbps cable internet
– 13 HD channels
– 43 SD channels
– Sky On Demand
Plan 3,999
– Up to 64 Mbps cable internet
– 13 HD channels
– 43 SD channels
– Sky On Demand

Option: Add P499 monthly for Skymobi. With SkyMobi, you get 3 GB monthly data allowance, FREE data access to Facebook, Messenger, and Viber, 500MB monthly data allowance for SKY On Demand.

With all these amazing offers from SkyCable, you can definitely ensure you and your family’s ultimate cable tv experience!

Written by : Milton Coyne
Edited by : Axl Guinto
Photos by : Milton & AXL

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