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Film Review : Ladyfish

Posted By: Star Powerhouse - Marso 24, 2017


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Ladyfish follows a gay misfit’s search for clarity and acceptance after being unjustly fired from her job. The plot thickens when her best friend appears at her doorstep with her adopted Swedish son. Soon, the friends must face the challenge of thriving in a cold, judgemental society.

Notes in Ladyfish (Jason Orfalas)

Painfully unfunny, very much like its nth iteration of a local barangay gay beauty pageant. It didn't feel like a complete movie at all, just some stitched-up random moments that tried really hard to create humor out of supposedly silly stuff.

I felt bad for Martin Escudero since he seemed to be forever typecast in the gay/trans role post-Zombadings. In one scene, he was required to act delighted while JC Santos peed on his face. Ick.

There was a hysterically wicked stab at Lav Diaz films and their endless nothingness. I wish there were more of that kind of smart humor here instead.

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Movie Review by : Jason Javier

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