Film Review : Kristo

Kristo (Hf Yambao)

A man suddenly faces an assortment of personal struggles – ironically, in the midst of a family milestone. In this hard-hitting drama, he will fight to protect his livelihood, maintain his honor as a family man, and, eventually, save his own life. Ultimately, Kristo poses the question: In the game of life, who wins and who loses?

Notes in KRISTO (HF Yambao, 2017)

Why do most of our new local indie film directors want to be the next Brillante Mendoza? The cost of the ticket should have included free prescription glasses (or at least two tablets of Bonamine). Also, no Jaclyn Jose cameo?

Kristofer King and Julio Diaz were terrific as always. But with all the cocks in the movie, it was a disappointment that none were King's, no?

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Movie Review by : Jason Javier

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