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Film Review : Bhoy Intsik

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Two small-time felons with disparate personas cross paths: One’s a principled tough gay; the other is a scheming, street-smart teenager. Together, they get caught up in a string of petty exploits while managing to forge a stronger bond. Can they survive the ordeal?

Notes in Bhoy Intsik (Joel Lamangan 2017)

It felt very much like Lamangan got really inspired after watching Pamilya Ordinaryo that he wanted to do an alternate reality set in Digong times. In this version though, Jane was killed because of Oplan Tokhang and Ertha decided to be the mother hen of Aries.

There were so many things to hate in this movie (terrible direction, messy and predictable plot, one glaring continuity error!), but there was enough of the wonderfully natural chemistry between Raymond Francisco (who in drag had an uncanny resemblance to Dra. Vicky Belo) and Ronwaldo Martin (still potty-mouthed and in full kagat-labi mode) that made it bearable.

One gay character had a gay ol' time inside prison because "pinipilahan sya ng mga preso". Another one said the line, "Bakla ako pero lalaki akong kausap." How progressive!

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Movie Review by : Jason Javier

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