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10 Reasons to watch "Mga Buhay Na Apoy" of Tanghalang Pilipino

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“The audience was silent, listened to every word and were in tears in the end. And I realized I had something powerful and magical, full of beautiful and healing truths.” -Kanakan-Balintagos

 Tanghalang Pilipino(TP)'s MGA BUHAY NA APOY, a Manila-based family comes face to face with the harsh reality of extremely strained relationships resulting from the cowardly denial of some painful truth about their past and from the utter disregard for their glorious indigenous Palawan cultural roots and spiritual traditions.

Tanghalang Pilipino’s staging of Mga Buhay Na Apoy marks the return of Kanakan-Balintagos, former known as Auraeus Solito, to theater.

Here are the ten reasons why you should watch "Mga Buhay na Apoy" of Tanghalang Pilipino :

10. Artists involved
Aside from Irma Adlawan, Malou Crisologo, Peewee O’Hara and Carol Bello, Tanghalang Pilipino also lends its artists to bring life to the characters of this play. Karen Gaerlan reprises her role as Aurora Alba as she did in Mga Buhay Na Apoy staged last year during the Virgin Labfest X.

9.“Hiwa-hiwalay na mag-uusap ang mag-anak.” scene in Act II
This particular scene is so masterfully crafted that it should be noted by the audience seeing it. Every line from the different topics of different characters flows so smoothly with each other that it doesn’t confuse the audience.

8. Set Design
Inspired by Kanakan-Balintagos’ home in Sampaloc, Paulo Alcazaren managed to make every part of the set alive, especially the central tree. Never have I watched a play with a set with such artistry and attention to detail like this. Even the tree has dust when Aran jumped from one of its branches. This is truly one beautiful production.

7. Opening Scene
The moment the play starts, with the curtain slowly parting, an angry, yet warm red light seeps through, a creeping mysterious score, all encompassed by a tribal chant performed by Carol Bello, tells that this production will not be the same as others.

6. Closing scene
A scene that challenged every artist present on the stage to communicate to the audience through their facial expressions. This makes the artists show everything that they have as a performer. From the veteran Irma Adlawan to the young Kyrie Samodio, each artist showcased a range of emotions painting it through their faces with such grace that one can’t just help but be moved.

5. Performed without microphones
Sticking true to pure theater, this production is performed without the use of lapel microphones. It is a powerful tool able to make the audience listen to every word of the play. The audience will surely take every second and savor it with such vigor that they would be able to feel every emotionally charged line during important scenes throughout the production.

4. Lhorvie Nuevo’s powerful presence
Lhorvie Nuevo plays the Diwata and also acts as the Asst. Stage Manager. Even without uttering a single line, Lhorvie manages to captivate the audience with her presence. Stomping, waving branches, or walking in the background, she draws attention to her by the gentleness and strongness of her movements.

3. Carol Bello’s mesmerizing vocals
Being trained at an early age, Bello lent her powerful vocals to this production. Every run of her arias evoked a mysterious echo throughout the theater. The tribal chant, which Kanakan mentioned, is an homage to his ancestry.

2. Kanakan-Balintagos’ return to theater
Formerly known as Aureaus Solito, Kanakan-Balintagos now returns to his first love, theater. It is not hyperbolic if I say that this production is one powerful and mesmerizing I have ever seen. As its director and playwright, one can tell that this production is close to Kanakan’s heart.

1. Irma Adlawan
Playing as Soledad Santos, Irma Adlawan didn’t fail to deliver as she portrayed a matriarch, eldest sister and someone who lost her truths. She brings her acting prowess just as she did in her films,especially in Transit. Even by just standing, you can feel Adlawan’s presence on stage. Her voice breaking at some points of the play shows her testament as an artist.

Catch it on these dates:
Oct 2, 9, 16, 23 Friday 8PM
Oct 3, 10, 17, 24 Saturday 3PM & 8PM
Oct 4, 11, 18, 25 Sunday 3 PM

For ticket inquiries, contact:
Tanghalang Pilipino Foundation Inc:(02) 832 1125 loc 1620/1621
Mobile Number: 0917 876 3678
CCP Hotline: 832 3704/832 1125
TicketWorld: 891 9999

See you in the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

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