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UAAP Cheerdance Competition 2014 | The POV

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1. I can feel that this UE announcer/muse has a lot of gay friends. She has the personality of a gay magnet.

2. I was a tad disappointed that the UP girl didn't speak in Filipino. She looked really cute onscreen, though.

3. UST, isn't Roar so last year?

4. As usual, Ateneo sent the best-looking girl. Mestisa and conyo. (Biased tweet, of course.)

5. The DLSU girl was like a typical beauty pageant girl shouting her lines. Representing TAFT AVENUE!!

6. Hahaha I love this NU girl mocking all those tumblers! I'm feeling a back-to-back win.

7. O guys, pahinga muna ang timeline. Baka ma-Twitter jail.

8. It doesn't look full. I thought it was sold out?

9. Off shoulder and leather. K.

10. P340,000. How did they come up with that amount? Kelangan may butal?

11. I hope the routines won't be as messy as this telecast. Ugh!

12. Am I the only one who thinks that one shouldn't host a dancing competition if he doesn't know THE Douglas Nierras?

13. Or the correct names of judges for that matter? Don't they rehearse/prep for this?

14. When the one in the center falls on the first lift, you know the routine will be a disaster. Poor UE and its falling squad.

15. Painful. Like a drunk uncle dancing in your birthday party. Sorry UE.

16. While one cheerleader bumped her head, another one lost her virginity. Tragic. #UEPepSquad

17. UE was like an amateur opening act before the big show. Instead of dancing, it was a comedy routine. Sad.

18. Ang dami kong alam today, di naman ako marunong magsayaw.

19. My favorite Street Fighter character is Chun Li so I'm partial to FEU's costume.

20. Do we blame NU's winning acrobatic stunts last year for these messy routines? Everyone wants to out-acrobat the other groups.

21. I hope next year these dancers focus on actual dancing and not the shock and wow factor only.

22. FEU's routine begged the question, "Are there Chinese tamaraws?"

23. I really love this UP girl. She can be my BFF.

24. "Without further adieu". Que horror!

25. UP's doing really well so far.

26.It's sad when a simple lift couldn't be completed. UP's still going strong, though.

27. With Run the World and lugay hair moves, was I the only one disappointed that equality actually meant just female empowerment?

28. I'm not sure if I was amazed at how good UP was because they were really good or only because the first two were horrific.

29. What's with the Oriental themes this year? Now I'm craving for siopao and siomai. What's Hen Lin's number?

30. There's the first wow moment right there. Nice one, UST!

31. If teams can't complete basic tumbling passes, could they still win the competition? #UST

32. Oh my, this school spelling and Chinese tiger act reeks of amateur high school moves. #USTSalinggawi

33. UP >>> UST >>> I don't care

34. Good job, Ateneo! Diyan tayo magaling, sa pagpapa-cute. You represent our school well. So proud!

35. As an Atenean, I am authorizing this bathroom break during our routine. Go ahead, guys. Avoid UTI.

36. "What is your performance is all about?" Did I hear that correctly?

37. Ang ganda ng sa Ateneo!! Ng nga dancers nila, I mean. Go, go, go!!

38. Sorry UP, but In the Navy is the proper song for equality. My Heart Will Go On, too. And Candyman.

39. Malaman and timely ang message ng Ateneo. Gay repressed sailors. Equality!!

40. Omg that sailing routine!! Nabulunan ako. I'm not kidding. This is a routine by Sparky Polastri. Kulang na lang spirit fingers!

41. As usual, I immensely enjoyed that "we don't care, we're pretty" routine of Ateneo. Very us. Like omg so galeng you guys!!

42. 22 years after I graduated from Zobel, the Rektikano routine has not changed a bit. I guess DLSU's theme is nostalgia.

43. Alam ko -ber months na pero ang aga naman lumabas ng Santa's little helpers! #DLSUAnimoSquad

44. These halftime shows were brought to you by Ateneo and DLSU.

45. To my DLSU friends, I get your message. The world, nay, the entire universe revolves around you guys. Right?

46. I heard Ateneo has started raising funds for Adamson's costumes next year so they won't look like escaped convicts.

47. Sabi ko na eh, ayan na ang mga ninakaw na baul. #AdamsonPepSquad

48. "First time in history, they've won their first-ever title." Jusko!

49. Let's be honest UP friends, magaling ang NU so far. Hehehe!

50. Wow panalo!! #NUPepSquad

51. A lot of people holding their breaths now wishing for a fall that will never happen.

52. I'm really sorry UP friends, I love your school but NU will (and should) win again this year. That was a near flawless routine.

53. Guys, in case you're wondering, there's no Ateneo in the stunt competition. We were advised by our dentists not to use Systema.

54. Sweep na naman ang NU. Wow, this girl never ceases to amaze everyone!!

55. The costumes are even funnier during the recap.

56. I can sense the bitter tweets in a few minutes. Understandable though since everyone's proud of their respective schools.

57. Ako nga proud sa punyemas na Popeye routine namin eh. Still wishing for third place. Walang masamang mangarap.

58. Shocked. I smell a fishy upset.

59. I guess it would have been less questionable if NU at least placed 2nd.

60. "Pleyk of appreciation." Jessy, I'm sure you're a nice girl but try to save face and decline the offer next year.

61. Congratulations UST! You had the first wow moment so your 3rd place win was well-deserved.

62. Congratulations UP for winning 2nd place!! Matatalino kayo. Ipakita nyo yan sa di paggamit ng mga baluktot na pangangatwiran.

63. Congratulations NU!!

64. I just went over my friends list and I couldn't find anyone to congratulate. Sino ba mga taga-NU diyan? *hugs*

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