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At a cosplay event, where mortal humans dress up to look out-of-this-world, something truly magical is about to unfold. A man dressed as a dwarf – or is he really one ? – hands a woman a bag that will change her life. Inside the bag is Moymoy Lolomboy, a child of a goddess and a mythical creature called tibaro. Though raised like any other human child, Moymoy’s strange powers surface, especially under stress. To get out of trouble, he shape-shifts! Moymoy is able to change his identity, but has yet to find where he truly belongs. Little does he know that within him lies the key to an ancient secret.

This first installment of the Moymoy Lolomboy series holds the key to the world he lives in, the world he came from, and the magical misadventures of moving in and out of the two.


Segundo Matias, Jr. was once a screen writer for films and television before he entered the world of children’s literature. He has written screenplays for Viva Films, Seiko Films, and Regal Films, as well as teleplays for various TV shows, including Lino Brocka Presents.

Matias, also known by his persona “Kuya Jun,” is a storyteller and has published over 1500 books for children and young adults including the following series titles: “Makabagong Alamat”, “Mga Kuwentong Nanay”, and “Mga Kuwentong Dapat Mong Malaman”. His “Alamat ng Duhat” won first prize at the 2011 Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature.
In 2012, his “Ang Papag ni Tatang” merited an honorable mention citation from the PBBY-Salanga Prize. His other awards include receiving a first honorable mention citation for the teleplay, “Loida: Taxi Driver” during the 1991 Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards.

As “Kuya Jun,” he is the storyteller in the widely circulated DVD series Ang Mga Kuwento ni Kuya Jun.

 Matias spent his childhood in the countryside, playing in rice fields and rivers. He fondly remembers wondering as a child if ‘lamang-lupa’ and other folk stories were true. Now, as an adult living in the city, the strange foliage and trees of the city still raises the same curiosity. He aims, through his work, to inspire that same curiosity in others, prompting them to ask if worlds of magic exist indeed.


Jomike Tejido, aside from being an architect, is a premier author and illustrator of almost 70 children’s book. Among his published works are “Tagu-Taguan” ( Best Reads 2010), “Pundido” (Golden Book 2002), “Ma-Me-Mi-Mumu!”, “Foldabots Toy Books” and the “Jepoy Dyip” series. His paintings on banig have been exhibited in solo shows in Manila and in group shows in Tokyo, Paris and the USA. Through his works, he aims to showcase the richness of Filipino culture. His banig paintings were featured in the Lampara Book “Mabuting Pilipino” written by singer-songwriter Noel Cabangon.

Other than visual arts, Tejido is a toy enthusiast, and a soccer fan. He loves to travel in order to see different cultures here and abroad.

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