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Tanghalang Pilipino's Pahimakas sa Isang Ahente

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Tanghalang Pilipino present PAHIMAKAS sa Isang Ahente ni Arthur Miller


In Miller's Death of a Salesman, we are ushered into a world where fate is given a name: capitalist materialism. Willy Loman's tragic downfall stems from his unwavering desire to achieve the American Dream. And 65 years later, the obsession with this fantasy still plagues our national ethos --- it could very well define the tragedy of the Filipino people.


Fernando “Nanding” Josef (Willy Loman)
Jonathan Tadioan (Willy Loman)
Ms. Gina Pareño (Linda Loman)
Racquel Pareño(Linda Loman)
Yul Servo (Biff)
Marco Viaña (Biff)

Here some of the scene that you will expect in the Pahimakas sa Isang Ahente.

Ricardo Magno (Happy)
Ding Navasero (Ben)
Mcdonnel Bolaños (Ben)
Dido dela Paz (Charley)
Bong Cabrera (Charley)
JV Ibesate (Bernard)
Doray Dayao (Ang Babae)
Aldo Vencilao (Howard Wagner)
Dan Jarden de Guzman (Stanley)
Regina De Vera (Miss Forsythe)
Llorvie Nuevo (Letta)
Antonette Go (Jenny)

26 September/ 8PM | 27 September/ 3 and 8PM | 28 September / 3PM | 3 October / 8PM | 4 October / 3 and 8PM |5 October / 3 PM | 10 October / 8PM | 11 October / 3 and 8PM | 12 October / 3PM | 17 October/ 8PM | 18 October/ 3 and 8PM | 19 October / 3PM

VENUE: Tanghalang Huseng Batute (Studio Theater) Cultural Center of the Philippines

TICKETS: 8PM - Php800 | 3PM - Php600 / Php800

Please present valid ID to avail the 20% discount on the regular price (Discounted tickets for students, senior citizens, government employees, military employees & Persons with Disability (PWD)

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