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Teatro Pinas Review : Tanghalang Pilipino's BALAG AT ANGUD by Layeta Bucoy

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The story of the play is flawless and relevant to the young generation, specially to the ones who's seeking for their true purpose and what they wanted to be. It showcase the success of a man that doesn't depend to the standards of many.

Teenage Junyee and his father
The success that is too deep for the people to comprehend. The story is a proof that successful is having yourself fulfilled on your chosen path, not always being measured by the people surrounding us. Junyee's life is truly an inspiration.

It is the unity of the piece and the creator/artist, a bond that the human body cannot explain. A different kind of love and passion for one's work of art. Technical wise the flow of the story went well showing the highlights of the Junyee's life.

Young Musa and Young Junyee
The three actors who played Junyee, Dun Michael Garcia as the young Junyee, Paw Castillo who played the teenage Junyee and the Playright Rody Vera as the revolutionary artist who never give up for his passion for the art despite of all the trials and challenges. Vera's part on the play showed the side of Junyee who struggled a lot in achieving his goals both emotionally, physically and financially. Paw Castillo's played the the period where Junyee's struggles as an aspiring artist who battled between his dream and his father's wishes. Whilst Dune Michael Garcia highlights the beginning of a young boy's dream on becoming an artist, Garcia played the role of a young boy who is seeking for acceptance and a typical struggle of an artist to fit into a crowd. Bayang Barios as Musa who never left Junyee's side during the time that he was blooming as an artist and served as his inspiration.

Musang and Teenage Junyee
The teamwork of the production is highly noticeable. The artistic team that brings out the best in every scene. From the costumes, set design and set changes, the projections, props and lights that compliments each other. Every transitions of the set changes are well done which sets a very impressive mood and tone for the scene. The sequences are all  nice and well synchronized but, there are times that the strength of the light are too strong to some point that the actor's facial expressions were no longer visible, If not the light maybe adjust a little on the blocking.

Nothing wrong with the choices of lights but it's the strength of the light that made it a bit bad on a very few occasion. The sound and musical arrangements could have been better if the volume of the lapels are well synchronized there were instances that songs did not mixed well, couple of times happened that the voices are overpowering each other. The notes and voices were all good but the mixing of the sound must be improved. Good job to the ensembles who did a great job! Everyone is doing their part and owning the scene. The harmony of the choreography is well balanced.

The performance as a whole is truly  stunning no dull moments. The whole production did a great job! Congratulations!

Tanghalang Pilipino's BALAG AT ANGUD by Layeta Bucoy. Directed by Audie Gemora.

Performances from August 31 to September 16, 2018 at the Tanghalang Aurelio Tolentino, CCP Little Theater, Roxas Blvd, Pasay City

Review : JC Salud
Photos : AXL Guinto

More photos of Tanghalang Pilipino's BALAG AT ANGUD by Layeta Bucoy at Teatro Pinas facebook page.


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