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Movie Review : Nakalimutan Ko Nang Kalimutan Ka

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It is indeed a good start for Wilbros Films as they open the premiere night for Nakalimutan Ko Nang Kalimutan Ka. The movie could be the "Hugot Film of the Year" as the story revolves on the bitterness of Jaz Cruz played by the multi-talented Alex Gonzaga. The plot of the movie is deep yet simple and not complicated, a movie that everyone could relate with.

The movie will surely play with your emotions, the way how every scene has been made and arranged will make you laugh and cry. Fifth Solomon as the writer and director of the movie perfectly knows how mix and match every build up of the scene. Every shots and angles are carefully selected, highlighting the emotions of the actors and the scenery of the locations. I must say, the movie has an edge to compete with the mainstream movies of our time. The texture, the lights and cinematography are so competitive and flawless. However, the last part seem to have holes and gaps on its execution not giving enough weight on how the story should end or perhaps there must be another movie connecting this one. It would have been better if everything has been justified on the resolution part or the ending of the movie.

Alex as an actress, showed how she evolved her acting skills compared to her previous projects. She never lose her personality, but the grade of her acting is getting mature and has weight this time. Proving herself that she is the multi-talented Alex Gonzaga. Personally love her, but I love her more with this movie. She studied or maybe she had enough life experience that's why she can deliver a different kind of acting this time. Same as with Vin Abrenica, who showed a different character that will surely catch your attention for the whole duration of the movie. Expect to see a different Vin Abrenica in this movie. Of course the Jerald Napoles who's known for his hilarious and fun character, but will leave you asking question as the story progress. This time Jerald will not just make you laugh, but will surely make you cry too.

Nakalimutan Ko Nang Kalimutan Ka. Showing on September 19, 2018 in cinemas. Starring the multi-talented Alex Gonzaga, Vin Abrenica, Jerald Napoles and the veteran actress Candy Pangilinan. Also starring Rufa Mae Quinto, Jayson Gainza, Loisa Andalio, Alora Sasam, Joj Agpangan, Jai Agpangan, Ricci Chan, Juan Miguel Servo and Keiko Necesario.
NAKALIMUTAN KO NANG KALIMUTAN KA, written and directed by Fifth Solomon. Produced by Wilbros Films.

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