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Five Reasons To Watch Taklub

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Did you know that Tacloban came from the word "taklub"? It came from a dialect called "waray" which means "trap" or "to cover". It is also an equipment for catching fish, crabs, and shrips by trapping them inside this taklub. Likewise, "taklub" was also used as a title for a documentary movie directed by the internationally acclaimed, award-winning director, Brillante Mendoza. The film features our very own veteran actress, Ms. Nora Aunor together with Julio Diaz, Aaron Rivera, and Lou Veloso.

The film narrates the story of our dear Filipino citizens in Tacloban after being struck by the Super typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan). Bebeth (Nora) is a mother who lost her three children and, with hopes, persistently searches for their remains. There is Larry who lost his wife and consoled himself by joining a group of devout catholics carrying a life size cross around the city. And lastly, Erwin (Aaron) and his brother who tries to hide the truth of their parents' death from their little sister. All these characters crossed paths trying to cope from their loses, as well as, facing the challenges they encounter everyday.

Aside from this brief information. Here are the reasons why the film makes it a must watch for everyone.

(1) Director Brillante Mendoza - being the director of the said film makes it a worthy one. He is known in making documentary films wherein he invests so much time on research for a quality and truthful narration of the social issues faced by the society today. Some of his known works are
The Masseur, Foster Child, Serbis, Kinatay, and Thy Womb. Being famous for his exceptional works, he already have receive numerous awards not only here in the Philippines, but also from the different countries of the world.

(2) Nora Aunor (Philippine Cinema's "Superstar") - a veteran and an internationally acclaimed actress. Due to her exceptional acting styles, she has received numerous awards and has become one of the FAMAS Hall of Famer, alongside Eddie Garcia, Vilma Santos, and Fernando Poe Jr. to name a few. Some of her famous works where she won several awards are Annie Batungbakal, Batu-bato sa Langit, Tatlong Taong Walang Diyos, Bakit Bughaw ang Langit, and Himala. It can be seen in "Taklub" that her acting styles are still exceptional that even just looking at her on screen would definitely give you the chills. She was given a role that is not too dramatic but the looks of her eyes would tell the rightful emotion without even saying a word. She even got a tag from a Hollywood reporter quoting "The Grand Dame of the Philippine Cinema" for this film.

(3) Climate Change - the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, together with Senator Loren Legarda and Director Brillante Mendoza, made this film as a project for their advocacy in sharing awareness of the climate change. Being the subject of this film, it shows to the audiences the massive effects of a climate change through the force of natural disaster--super typhoon. It reaches through everyone's heart of how the victims in Tacloban struggled mourn for their losses and struggle for their everyday living.

(4) Quality of the story - like all the other films Director Brillante Mendoza has worked, every details of the story are factual and are based on the intensive research through the actual location of the disastrous event, the victims and their stories. He makes sure that the audiences would relate by giving the story only the truth from the ordinary people, and not making an exaggeration of the details.

(5) You are a Filipino - the film has been screened from several countries and has been acclaimed by the people across the world. You wouldn't want that chance to watch this film passes you by.

Starting September 16, 2015, the film will be screened on these selected cinemas:
1) SM North
2) SM Megamall
3) SM Manila
4) SM Sta. Mesa
5) SM Fairview
6) SM Southmall
7) SM Bacoor
8) SM Cebu
9) Gateway
10) Robinsons Galleria
11) Robinsons Tacloban
12) Glorietta 4
13) Trinoma
14) Market Market
15) Fairview Terraces
16) Gaisano Davo
17) Greenhills
18) Festivall Mall

So grab your friends and family to watch "Taklub" from your nearest cinemas.

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