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Five Reasons Why You Must Watch Chuva Choo Choo: The Mr. Kupido Musicale

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Ever been in a situation where you don’t feel you are loved? Or are you just longing for someone to love you? 
Morissette Amon and Joanna Ampil 
Chuva Choo Choo: The Mr. Kupido Musicale will make you feel all the love in the world. It offers a wide variety of love; from a romantic love of having a partner in life, to an unconditional love of a family, and even the love from our friends.

This is a comedy musical that tells the adventures of two striving sisters, Dina and Darla. They pursue every amateur singing contest until they moved to Manila after witnessing an unfortunate event. Their story continues as they became a female impersonator, and latter a national stars. In addition, the unfolding events in the finale gave an interesting twist in the storyline. Aside from these, the list below would surely urge you to watch the show. And be sure to bring with you your family and friends.

Five Reasons Why You Must Watch Chuva Choo Choo: The Mr. Kupido Musicale

Mr. Kupido Bar
(1) Full Pack Entertainment – Have you ever been in a comedy bar? No? Then you’ve got to see this. Yes? Oh, this is much more than your usual comedy bar. While this is an Original Filipino Musical, you can see elements of it being a comedy bar where the casts impersonate and cross dress, humorous skits of comedic lines, and great song and dance performances. But what makes this special is that it is a full-length, continuous 3-hour play, with no single dull moment that even the stage hands have become part of the show. Just be ready to be filled with laughter all throughout the show.
The colorful stage
(2) Colors of Love – the venue is a black box theater with a spectacularly-made stage design that would surely please your eyes. Aside from a colorful stage floor and back draft, there are also these eye-catching colorful wigs and extravagant headdresses, elegant dresses, and playful lights.

Pinoy Got Boses
(3) Familiar Melodies – any Filipino would know a song or two from this musical—of any ages, male or female. Of course, it features the lyrics of Mr. Vehnee Saturno and some of the hit songs included are Be My Lady (Martin Nievera), Sana Kahit Minsan and Simple Lang (Ariel Rivera), Isang Lahi (Regine Velaquez), Mr. Kupido (Rachel Alejandro), Bakit Pa? (Jessa Zaragoza), Wala Na Bang Pag-ibig and Dahil Tanging Ikaw (Jaya). Almost all of the songs are love songs, but some songs have noticeable change in message. It is not necessarily a bad thing; in fact, it augmented the show’s purpose of delivering the love of family and friendship. With these, I am sure you can relate to any songs you know, and might want to sing along with it.

Via Antonio as (Geena / Tiya Nene/ Tiya Nita/ Mrs. Chu / Bong / Max / Anne)
(4) Versatile Characterization – Fact: there are 19 distinct characters in the show, but there are just 9 casts. You can see here how the casts gave justice to the multiple roles they have to portray in the entirety of the show. Some of them may have noticeable facial similarities between their roles, but with they are very convincingly great that you can forget it’s the same person. Ms. Via Antonio is one of the most memorable cast who portrayed 8 roles in the show. Watch here how she shared her preparations.

Exclusive interview with Via Antonio about her characters.

The Chuva Choo Choo: The Mr. Kupido Musicale Cast and Artistic Team
(5) Quality Company (casts and crew) – both the people behind and upfront the audience made a great contribution to a successful creation of this production. First, some of the production staff, the multi-awarded composer Vehnee Saturno with some of his hit lyrics and composition, seven-time Palanca winner Director George De Jesus III with his playwright, and Mr. Alvin Trono (executive producer) among others. Then some of the very talented actors and actresses, Joanna Ampil side-by-side Morisette Amon with their leading men Jojo Riguerra and Edward Benosa. They also have Ross Pesigan, Juliene Mendoza, Ron Alfonso, and Jay Marquez, who, all of them, executed a great vocal range and quality.

Catch the limited show of  Chuva Choo Choo: The Mr. Kupido Musicale on September 25,26 / 8:00PM and September 27 / 3:00PM at PowerMac Spotlight @ Circuit Makati.

For tickets please call Ticket Net or Cheng Pimentel (Stages) at 09178596544.

See you in the Chuva Choo Choo: The Mr. Kupido Musicale.

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