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SHAKE RATTLE & ROLL XV (2014 MMFF Entry) | Movie Review

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Erich Gonzales has been selected to portray the mythical twin snake of a shopping mall in the latest incarnation of the horror-thriller franchise "Shake, Rattle & Roll." Inspired by a famous urban legend from the 1980s.

In this segment of the horror anthology, a family is being fed by their yaya with delicious dishes that soon turns them into horrible monsters. This episode starring Carla Abellana and Dennis Trillo.

Flight 666
A hijacker (Bernard Palanca) terrorizes the passengers of Flight 666. Amidst the chaos, a passenger gives birth to a "tiyanak" (a monstrous creature from Philippine mythology) that soon attacks the rest of the people inside the aircraft one by one. Flight stewardess Karen (Lovi Poe), who has a relationship with Dave (Matteo Guidicelli), together with the help of co-pilot Bryan (Daniel Matsunaga), must save them from this horrifying trip to Hell.


Erich Gonzales as Sandra/Sarah
JC De Vera as Troy
John Lapus as Iggy Moda
Ariel Rivera as Alberto
Alice Dixson as Lourdes
Giselle Canlas as Jinny
Jason Francisco as Jake
Melai Cantiveros as Julie

Dennis Trillo as Henry
Carla Abellana as Aimee
Chanda Romero as Aling Lina
John Lapus as Iggy
Perla Bautista as Amah Choleng
Kryshee Frencheska Grengria as Julie

Flight 666
Lovi Poe as Karen
Matteo Guidicelli as Dave
Daniel Matsunaga as Bryan
John Lapus as Iggy Moda
Kim Atienza as Kuya Tim
Bernard Palanca as Carlos
Khalil Ramos as Gino
Kiray Celis as Lovely
Bentong as William
Betong Sumaya as Macoy
Nathalie Hart as Pamela
IC Mendoza as Adam
Yael Yuzon as Eli
Ria Garcia as Jane
John Spainhour as Brandon
Ken Alfonso as Charlie
Rocky Salumbides as John
Arlene Muhlach as James Mother
Lui Manansala as Fred
Joy Viado as Stella
Sue Pardo as Valle



1. Any 80's kid would remember that urban legend about Robina Gokongwei's twin snake brother stalking the women's dressing room of Robinson's Galleria. Even my mother feared for her life and avoided that mall regardless if a) she couldn't afford to buy anything there (it used to be a really upscale mall), and b) she was a mother of three and not exactly snake man virgin material. Still, it was an effective ploy before the dawn of social media scams. With that said, the Ahas episode had a very interesting concept that was just poorly-executed.

2. I loved how they made Alice Dixson the mother of the snake twins considering that she was the most popular victim of that Robinson's story.

3. Malls seem like the perfect setting for a horror movie (see: Dawn of the Dead). I wished they fully utilized the area (and added more people trapped inside perhaps?). It just wasn't as exciting seeing the mall guard and janitor get killed.

4. The special effects in this episode were just bad and proved to be a big distraction from the apparent threats onscreen. People simply laughed at the virtual snake girl that seemed to jump and not slither in every scene.

5. John Lapus always gets the most laughs in these SRR episodes. And he's always the only person that would fight back regardless if it was a snake or a possessed wedding dress.

6. One scene was taken straight out of Sharknado. All it needed was a chainsaw.

7. The Ulam episode was the most technically polished among the three. It would have been great if it focused on the supernatural instead of The Hills Have Eyes territory, though.

8. Some of the elements here closely resembled Feng Shui. We need to put a stop on this Chinese Horoscope fascination. Oh wait, 2015 is the Year of the Sheep. That's my animal sign! I wonder if I'll be lucky next year.

9. In one scene, Carla Abellana unknowingly ate noodles sprinkled with lizards. Full disclosure: I have eaten butiki as part of my mom's belief that it can cure asthma. Today, I still rely heavily on my inhaler.

10. Can we have more movies with Chanda Romero please?

11. The Flight 666 episode was the weakest and most disposable one with a tiyanak causing havoc on a plane. All it needed was Samuel L. Jackson screaming, "Get this motherfucking tiyanak off my motherfucking plane!!"

12. Lovi Poe to one passenger: "Have a sit." *groan*

13. Kuya Kim was included in the cast since we all needed to know the history and etymology of things. Get this motherfucking Wikipedia off my motherfucking plane!! 

Movie Rate : ★★☆☆☆

Directed byDondon Santos (Ahas), Jerrold Tarog (Ulam) and Percival M. Intalan (Flight 666)
Produced by Regal Entertainment, Inc. and Regal Multimedia, Inc..

Movie Review by : Jason Javier

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