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Teatro Pinas Review : Kanser 2018

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Since the piece is known by many and the audience has this expectations on how the story will progress, the challenge is how the director shall execute the narration.

Every year the piece is evolving and showcasing something new, giving the audience a different kind of experience. The careful selection of how to execute the sequences of every chapters are well done. Considering that the target audience were young students who tend to lose focus on watching the performances. The artistic team and the direction of the piece caught the attention of the young audience by giving its performance a tailor-fit build up of emotions and narratives.

The delivery of every line and narration was loud and clear, too bad that the quality of the audio system of the venue ruin some parts of the song number. Good thing that the performers are well prepared on how to deal with those kind of unexpected scenarios.

The texture, the details and the mood of the set design and costumes were all stunning. Only that Maria Clara must study on how to fold her saya during the scene that they were at the river. Maybe just a little emphasize in that as it has a reflection of the culture and tradition.

Pilosopong Tasyo, knows how to effectively tell his story, savoring every single line. Establishing a great connection to the audience through his narration making everyone understand the scenario with a great quality and clarity of voice that injects to mind of the audience.

Padre Damaso and Padre Salvi has this presence that is quite irritating, they perfectly portrayed their role as the good guys that has a devil inside. Every single details of there gesture are significantly strong.

Crispin and Basilio, as actors know how to deliver the fear that they have during the scene. I love the conviction, the clarity and the emotions that they throw each time that they exchange their line. They are both promising actors. The same as with Sisa who knows how to evolve from acting skill number to her acting skill number 10. She knows how to hold her energy and knows when to give it all. These three actors are very remarkable.

Crisostomo Ibarra and Maria Clara has this great dynamics on stage. They have a good chemistry which is very essential as the story progress. They were very organic on stage, but in some occasions their voices sound tired or low. Some of the songs were focused on the chest tone which might be so exhausting for them. Better to balance between the chest tone and head tone. Same as with the clarity of the lyrics.

As a whole the performance was great. Congratulations to Gantimpala Theater Foundation Inc. and to everyone behind this magnificent performance.

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Written : JC Salud
Photos : AXL Guinto

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