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Teatro Pinas Review : Guadalupe The Musical

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Act one opened with an Aztec dance number which sets the mood and the theme of the whole show as it narrates the Mexican origins through its costumes, musical arrangement, lights and most of all the set design and the costumes. The overall aesthetics of the production has an edge and very competitive to the international theater scene.
This something that as a Filipino we should be proud of. Despite of the story being set in the Mexican culture, surely every Filipino could relate to its story as we had the same experience and history with the leadership of the Spaniards in the country. We experience the same issues, same sentiments and same pain so as the same revolution in our religion. 

The way that the story has been told was based on the historical facts and yet they're able to deliver the performance in a very interesting and exciting way. The material has an exquisite way of telling the story. The whole artistic team carefully selected every aspect and details of the performance to deliver it at its best. The piece itself is something that's relatable to the audience regardless of age, gender, culture and religion. It has been delivered in a manner that would not create any arguments with other group of people who doesn't believe in that kind of miracle. It is one of a kind.

It focuses on the good values instead of injecting troubles and pain of the past. It told somehow told the bitter past, but it focuses on more inspiring and more valuable part of the history.

The performance as a whole is something that is timely, it is very inspiring and something that would boost the morale of the audience. It has an excellent substance and content. The moral values of the story is very uplifting. This kind of narration expressed its objectives without creating a barrier towards the audience and non believers. Through this performance, as an audience I can see hope and unity that is something that our future needs. Teaching the future generation the great values in life is a noble act.

All of the performers are so generous to the audience. All of the sequences of the performance are well balanced and synchronized. The musical arrangements and the leveling of all ranges were clean and clear. Every song numbers are solid and full of soul. The production is indeed convincing, they made me experienced a different kind of connection through the performance which is something that I like. Something that is remarkable and unbreakable. The emotions and the feeling that will stay with its audience.

Guadalupe The Musical, September 28 to October 14, 2018 at the Meralco Theater.
Book and lyrics by Joel Trinidad
Music by Ejay Yatco
Choreography by Julie and Rose Borromeo
Direction by Baby Barredo
Mio Infante, Scenica Designer
John Batalla, Lighting Designer and Technical Director
Rards Corpus, Sound Designer
Aixia Mallary, Assistant Choreographer and Dance Captain
Ria Pangilinan, Project Manager and Production Manager/ Marketing and Sales/PR and Publicity
Benjor Catindig, Graphic Designer Programme Design Layout

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Written : JC Salud
Photos : AXL Guinto

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