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Sabrina expressed herself writing her songs

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Who would have thought that a song writer and a cover artist would have her own all original self-titled album?  Sabrina,a 26year old singer- song-writer is known for her acoustic renditions of modern songs on her successful series called “I Love Acoustic” with 8 volumes of the same title and by making her song as the OST of the two Korean Dramas “Oh My Venus” and “Angel’s Revenge” on GMA Network.
Making an all original album is a great addition to her career in music. Knowing the she established already her name by doing acoustic covers and writing her own original songs. Now, she is back with a brand-new record that she can definitely call her own.

In the album “Sab”, songs are mostly about love like fighting for the one you love, about giving second chances, and finding love in the most unexpected time. Sabrina is fresh from breakup, and for her, something good will happen after heartaches and heartbreaks that’s why she came up with the idea of having and starting her own album. In fact, her album launch was very successful. Things are going just fine according to her and hoping it will boom all throughout Asia, especially in Japan. Knowing that Japan only patronizes what’s within them, Sabrina’s really hoping for her album to click. Her first music video will be out soon and that’s definitely to watch because it was taken and shot in Canada by her 16year old nephew during her vacation.

Sabrina expressed herself writing her songs. Every single detail, emotion, and feelings, words came up to form a good song. Through her ups and downs, she experienced a lot and wrote down heartfelt songs. She finds comfort and somewhat relaxing when she’s with her guitar. She started writing songs when she was on her teenage years with her first love as her inspiration. Also, she encourages everyone to write songs and express what’s inside, discover your talent.

“Sab” will be available worldwide digitally on Spinnr, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer on June 17 and on CDs at leading record stores. I highly encourage everyone to get a copy. It’s an album everyone should definitely watch out for.

Written : Jorge Mitchel
Edited : AXL Guinto
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