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Theatre Review : Coro de los Diablos of Dulaang Laboratoryo

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Laguna, Philippines - Last March 9 Wednesday 2016, we are invited to watch a Filipino adaptation of William Golding's Lord of the Flies entitled “Coro de los Diablos” directed by Professor Joey Ting. The adaptation was made by Ms. Layeta Bucoy. It was a re-run of a previous play in UP Diliman, but this time it was performed in Los Baños, Laguna inside Charles Fuller Baker Memorial Hall in UPLB.

As we enter the Hall, I saw a circular designed stage like it was mimicking an MMA octagon ring, but with a lot of metallic tubing around it, which I think portrays the jungle. The first scene was started with a chorus song with a projected video that shows the beginning of World War III. The six main actors/actresses was then introduced as they form a circular shape outside the ring while singing the supposedly “World Future Leaders Convention” song. The story flows with a lot of struggles, urges, hallucination, and the desperation of each character as they try to survive within a foreign island full of allegedly demons.

Let me share you following character of the story:

Pat - was played by Charmaine Lou Aranton. She excellently shows the Alpha female of the six survivors. On the first half of the performance, Pat did very well in convincing everyone to choose a leader not based on a “kuya” image or some lousy basis, but with a strong base of what really makes a good leader. My favourite part of her performance is when her character became a full-blown Amazona and it almost convinces because of her nasty gore-ish act.

Girlie - was played by Krystynne Angela Vargas. She was the little cutie girl of the group who has an emotional attachment with her doll that came from her lola. Her character was not that interesting, despite the cutie patooty image, she makes the character stand out especially on the last half of the play as she discovers that the demon was just a pilot hanging from a tree. However, she also discovers that there is a real demon and it lives inside them. Despite the jolly face she almost makes me cringe on the part when she was talking to the allegedly demon and to her lola.

Opening scene of  Coro de los Diablos of Dulaang Laboratoryo
Jules - was played by Mark Mirando. He was the smartest of the six survivors and the wisest of them all. The character of Jules was very funny on the first part of the play, as he continues to berate Pat with an endless debate like “why Migs should be the leader of the group?” I commend Mark as an actor, despite all the awkwardness and gender-bender act in the play, he successfully convinces us in his role.
Migs - was played by Vincent Kevin Pajara. He was the chosen leader of the group, the “kuya” image of the young ones. I can say that his character is not the typical Alpha male; in fact, I was convinced that he was only forced of the situation to lead the group of survivors that I think the reason Pat was so eager to take the leadership from him. My highlight part of Migs was the last part of the story when two of their members were killed by the newly found group of Pat and as they chase Migs they found out that the rescuer already found them. I can see the desperation and resentment in Vincent face on that scenario.

Donna - was played by Lei Ann Quinquilleria. She was the tomboyish of the group and her character cusses a lot in the play. The character of Donna comes very strong in the beginning of the story, however, as the story goes by the Alpha female was now Pat. The story of Pat & Donna was seemingly similar with Migs & Jules. However, I see the character of Donna to be very unstable as she also expressed her feeling to Migs in the beginning part of the play.

Sam - was played Gabo Tolentino. He was the weird young person in the story; he was also the person that hallucinates about demons and spirit. My favorite part of him was when he acts like possessed by a demon and acts very weird, I also commend his athletic ability as he excellently shows it in his exorcism part of the story.  Sam is a great actor, looking forward to his more exciting role in the future.

The Director and the Cast of  Coro de los Diablos of Dulaang Laboratoryo
The sound of the production might have a delay in most of the scenes, but they have a great cast of actors/actresses that can easily adjust in the delay error of the play. I would like to commend the choice of music and the timing of the effects, also the lyricist of the “World Future Leaders Convention” song.

The lighting of the production was superb. The lighting has helped the play to become a more dramatic and convincing. They have an awesome light combination.

Overall, I would like to recommend “Coro de los Diablos” to the people who do not have a fainted heart. The play truly challenges the audience on how to choose leaders and to see beyond the facade of a person because in each one of us there is a selfish (demon) desire that linger within us.

Theater review by Tony Yson
Photos and Edited by : Axl Guinto

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