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Maxene Magalona has broken up with her non-showbiz boyfriend

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Taken during the The Garage Ball 5th Anniversary
Actress Maxene Magalona has broken up with her non-showbiz boyfriend Chino Copuyoc.

In an interview with Pep, Maxene said that the break up between her and Chino was a healthy one.

“Although, Chino and I separated properly. It was a proper breakup,” she said.

In the same interview, it was reported that the two have been separated for two months. The relationship lasted for 11 months.

Despite ending the relationship, Maxene said she believes Chino is still a friend.

“I want to say that he’s still a good friend. At maayos kaming naghiwalay (we broke up properly), and it’s still very healthy,” she said.

When asked why they decided to part ways, Maxene said that both of them were not prepared for a relationship.

She also added that she is concentrating on being single.

The actress also knows that haters and bashers will once again say something about her.

“It’s my life. And I appreciate those who are concerned and I appreciate the haters because you guys make me stronger,” she said.

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